What your shoulders say about you?

July 11, 2014

There are many people who mostly use their brains just as there are many people who mostly do physical labor, hence, use their bodies. However, like in other areas of life, one should try to make use of both the body and the brain in equal proportion because if this is not the case, then the part that is not used as much starts to create troubles. So, when the brain is used too much, the body starts to show signs of trouble and vice versa. This imbalance can be easily seen in one's shoulders.

A person's shoulders can tell a lot about an individual - from how much strength one has in the body to how much hard work one will need to do in life.

Astrologically, shoulders represent the Sun and Moon and the shape of the shoulders can tell us how good or bad these planets are.

Slightly bent shoulders show not enough strength in the body indicating some weakness. An individual with such shoulders will be an introvert and will not like to be social. The person can study or do work which requires a lot of research, analysis, or creativity. However, such individuals work more with the brain than with the physical body. They should not be worried about their future, but they do need to work on making their body strong as they may experience some health problems after 40.

Shoulders which are very bent that it seems like there's an extra bone growing on the back show a bad fate. Such people will generally have problems related to the neck, shoulders, and back after the age of 40. This shows that the person may live alone at some point - possibly due to problems in one's household or in marriage. This also shows a lot of struggle in one's professional life despite the person being brilliant. This sign shows that the person uses the brain too much. If along with these kinds of shoulders, the neck is also sticking out, then it shows that the person will face hurdles in getting support from one's parents.

If the shoulders are bent, the neck sticks out, and one drags one's feet while walking, then it's a very bad sign and shows at least 4 planets that are negatively affecting the individual. The individual will have to struggle a lot in every sphere of life. One can only overcome the negative effects, after doing serious meditation on one's isht.

If one's shoulders are somewhat raised, the neck sticks out, and one walks with the stomach tucked in, then it negatively affects one's professional and married life along with negatively affecting one's body. Such people should walk more and do more physical exercises. They should also try to be more social and make sure they are flexible with their life partner. They should not be egoistic with their partner as they may have to face more struggles if they're not able to adjust with their partner.

Shoulders which are relaxed - neither raised nor bent, and the walk is straight, then it shows that one is a balanced individual. It shows that one thinks about a particular topic for a limited time but deeply. One can create good balance between one's professional and personal life. It also shows that the individual will start rising in life at the age of 22-23, will go through a good phase at 28, and will have and be capable of handling bigger responsibilities at the age of 36. It also shows that one will be able to control one's enthusiasm. To some it may seem like the person has no enthusiasm, but the truth is far from what it seems as the individual will be able to use his enthusiasm when he needs to.

However, if the shoulders are relaxed, the body is not straight, and one drags his feet while walking, then it shows possible problems in the spine due to Shani. There can also be problems to one's blood or heart due to the Sun and Mon - the diseases can be diabetes or blood pressure. This also shows that one has to work hard to get a name for himself including respect amongst family members. This also shows that the person may want to undergo a major change in life at some point, which will not be a success. Also one's efforts may not be appreciated by others. One may also have to work unnecessarily very hard between the ages of 32 and 38. As a remedy, one needs to make improvements in the way of walking and start doing remedies for the Sun, Moon, and Shani. 

If one walks in a very lethargic manner, then it is a very bad sign. This is quite common in children and it foretells their inability to study; loss of intelligence, and dwindlin memory.

If someone walks with the shoulders sort of stretched outwards (like a wrestler), then it shows that the person is very emotional, impulsive, and may make decisions in haste which can bring losses.

When someone's shoulders are somewhat raised. It shows intelligence, but such people aren't able to do things while keeping their body and brain balanced. This is why they don't get the success that they deserve. They also don't get emotional support from the family even though they end up having to support the family quite a bit. There is also a tendency for them to become irritable in nature. 

When somone's shoulders are raised and one walks primarily on the toes, then it shows problems due to their emotional nature. It may mean only average or below average success in life. Such people should change the way they walk so they use both parts (heel and toes) of the foot equally and work harder in life.

If one's shoulders are straight (erect backbone) and are not bent forward or backwards and the hands are open, it shows that the person can communicate his knowledge correctly. By doing so, the person can dominate others and the person's group circle increases over time.

However, if the shoulders are bent backwards (like a wrestler, but overdoing it), then the person will try to dominate others through aggression. Such an individual gets success until the age of 36, but then progress stops and he becomes dependent on others and gets disrespected in society. .

Ideal stance: One should sit and walk with erect backbone as this improves one's personality and makes the Sun and Moon positive. The individual can reach higher in life despite possibly having some negative influences of some planets.


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