What Causes Pains in the Body?

November 09, 2013

Whenever the effects of Venus increase on the body or when Mars turns negative, then the pain in the body starts to increase.

If Mars is negative, then you may have a problem with blood circulation or due to some problems with bones.

If Moon joins Venus, then it usually causes some sort of pain in the body - it can be in the form of headache or pain in lower back and lower limbs - due to too much tightening of the muscles.


- take a bath in salty water - make your body wet with the help of the salty water and don't rinse it off with normal water for at least 2 minutes, then take a bath with regular warm water to get rid of the salt

- if possible, go near the ocean and cover yourself with the sand from the ocean all the way Up to your neck and stay there for a while

- get a body massage done - a clay massage would be more beneficial where you are wrapped in clay for some time

- make use of turmeric - either mix it with milk or water (if mixing with milk causes constipation)

- if you have constipation, that too causes pain in the body so make sure you don't have constipation. Take munakka that has soaked in water in the evening and morning.

- take some "dashmool" under medical supervision to help relieve pain in the lower limbs

- take 2 spoons of wheat grain, 1 spoon of khas-khas, and a spoon of coriander seeds - grind them all together and then let them cook in half a cup of milk on a low flame - start eating this mixture to make yourself free of pain if you exercise or dance a lot.


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