Vijayadashami - an extraordinary day

October 03, 2014

Any work started on this day gives very good results.

This day gives new directions in life.

This days provides rejuvenation in life if some specific remedies are done.

It's also a good day to work on attaining "siddhis".


Worship the Shammi tree today for various remedies:

  • Get a piece of broken/fallen branch of the shammi tree or take a little bit of the root - wear it around your neck in a black thread while saying the "Rama" mantra. It will work towards ridding you of the problems from Rahu and Shani.
  • For any unknown illness, take a very small piece of the root of the shammi tree and wear it around your neck.
  • For marriage related problems that you'd like to fix, wear the shammi tree's root or small branch around the neck in a red or black thread.

As this year's Vijayadashmi has fallen on a very rare conjunction, it will be good to start some specific remedies today:

If you have many problems from people who have enmity towards you, start doing adity-hridya stotra paath everyday from today for a year- it needs to be read 3x at one go with concentration.

If you keep getting dragged into controversies or other people keep causing obstacles in your success, then start doing the following mantra from today: "Om Vishnumate Namaha, Om Samud-ditye Namaha, Om Devaasur Namastutaaye Namaha, Om Vivasvate Namaha, Om Bhaaskaraaye Namaha, Om Bhubenshwaraaye Namaha". This mantra will make sure that no harm comes to your reputation. If you feel depressive, then too this mantra will help. It is also a very good mantra for anyone doing social work. Make sure you do it for about 30 minutes everyday from today.

For anyone stuck in wrongful lawsuit, do the mantra from tonight "Om Apraajtaye Namaha". This should be done before dinner at night after washing one's face and hands/after bath. Face the South while doing it and pray to Lord Rama to help resolve the lawsuit and that too in your favor.


MixLaf - 3 years ago 
Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes. PS: How are you? I am from France :)

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