Venus moving into Virgo on 12th August

August 11, 2013

On 12th August, Venus is moving into Virgo, whose effects can be felt until September 10th. There are a few problems this can cause. Below are a few symptoms, remedies, and predictions for the next 30 days for each astrological sign based on your Moon sign.

How to check Venus status on your palm:

- spots under the thumb (on Venus mount) - red or brown moles - shows unnecessary anxiety or black spots show weakness in the body which causes problems in married life

- if you have lines coming from the Venus mount to the life line, it guarantees fights/quarrels with the life partner - if the lines are not so dark then problems are more; if the lines are darker, then there are less problems.

Venus causes disease with the private parts and fights with your life partner.

- if Mars, Mercury, or Rahu are with Venus, then it causes problems in married life or doesn't give you good results in your household until later in life (after 45 years). You may not get selfless love or your own mind doesn't let you love the other person as you should.

If Venus is bad, then you will live very poorly - even if you have a lot of wealth. For instance, someone looking at you may say that you probably don't even have money for food. This is due to the weakness of Venus. The place you live at will not be good.

The thumb of the foot may have some pain or may getting hurt in some accidents.

There will be some deformity in the skin - on the face, stomach, back, or legs.

Person who's Venus is bad, then such person will not be able to do spiritual work or go to places where spiritual things are done (temples, or spiritual retreats).  Even if they are able to go to spiritual places, then they won't be able to take part in the spiritual work.

If Venus is good, then the person is very creative, regardless of the person's feature, then the person will be attractive and person will be intelligent and will like travelling.

If Venus is bad, then you may have friends who may take you away from your life's goals and keep you away from very intelligent people (including their spouse).

If Venus is bad, then you may develop some illicit relationship with someone in your relation which causes harm to your reputation at some point in your life.

If Venus is bad, then you have to go through troubles due to person of the opposite sex at least 5 times in your life.

If a man's Venus is bad, then it causes weakness in the body. So take care of hormonal disbalance and immunity in your body.

If Venus is good, then after doing some meditation/techniques, then you may get some special healing powers with which you can heal others.

Click here for more information on Venus in your birthchart and some other symptoms.

Predictions (based on Moon sign) until 5th September:

Aries: The effects will not be favorable. People who have problems in the air pipes (in your throat, teeth, hair, or eyes need to be careful. They should take precautions and take their medicines on time. Also, people with heart problems should do some exercise that may help in heart related issues. For the next 30 days, you also need to control your mood swings. You need to greatly take care of your mother. You can get success in your job or business. This change will make you do a lot of hard work. You can start new work if you want, but take good advice before taking any major decisions. Reputation-wise, this is a good time for you. In general, this is not a bad time for you as it will only delay a few things and not give any bad results. Keep in mind to not trust someone too much. You should do things the way you think is correct or as per the advice of your family members.

Taurus: People who often suffer due to cold or fever need to be more careful otherwise things should be fine. Taking warm water with lemon will be beneficial to you. Be careful about the possible differences with your spouse and children. Travel related work may prove fruitful and you may also get to do some sightseeing. As a remedy, make sure you sit with your mother for some time everyday. Meditating on your "isht" will also be helpful in keeping your mind calm. People who have their own business need to be careful while spending money otherwise the money spent won't be beneficial. It's a good time for people who are in jobs.  Be careful about your speech and paperwork. In terms of your social status, you won't have any bad effects, but Venus will make you irritable and make you doubt others. This in turn will decrease the love in your speech and you may start saying harsh things that can bring about disastrous results from 12th August to 5th September. So try not to lose your patience as the only way Venus will cause bad effects on you will be by making you lose your patience.

Gemini: People who have problems related to eyes, blood, stomach or uterus need to be careful until the 10th of September. Do exercises for your back and shoulder. Do your work in such a way that you're always available in case of need and that you always have time for your family members. You need to take special care towards the health and mood of your life partner. You may need to do extra efforts to ensure peace at home. This Venus change may cause more anger in you. Stay away from bright yellow and red. Things will improve if you do these remedies and by being careful.

Cancer: People who may be suffering from neck, stomach, or eye issues, eat light food. Make sure you have good relations with your father or elders of the family. It's a good time for people in jobs and business - especially who work in cosmetics, property, vehicles, or building material. You may even get back the money that had been spent unwisely. Do "Gajendra-moksh Paath" if you are indebted. People who are in jobs should be careful in their workplace and do their work diligently. For remedy, on Sundays, throw away jaggery (gud) and red flowers in flowing water (river). In general it's a good month, but may involve a lot of hard work. You may have to work hard at maintaining good relations especially with your siblings.

Leo: People who have problems with heart, kidney, or lungs should take water from a copper vessel until the 10th of September. Keep on your diet and take your medicines regularly. It's a good time for family - you will get happiness. People who are in jobs or business will get good opportunities. Students need to work hard as the work done during this coming time will give benefits next year. If you take good decisions now, then students as well as people in business will get exceptional benefits. People workig in the arts or media can expect good times. People who pray and are spiritual can also expect good times. People who love animals and nature or are envirnomentalists can expect good gains - especially in their social status.

Virgo: You need to maintain a restricted diet in which you eat food that is easily digestible. Eat your food 3 hours before sleeping. Do not eat cold food or cold stuff. If you do take cold food, then make sure you drink some basil with black pepper as your body will start producing more phlegm after you eat something cold. In terms of family, you can expect things to go as they have been going for a while. Someone in your relations may be angry with you. It's not a good time for businessmen. If you aren't patient in financial matters - including share market, then you may suffer losses.

Libra: In terms of your health, there are imrpovements, but be careful of your nose and teeth. Be careful about the relations between you and your mother and you and your spouse. Be careful about your speech, think before you sleep, as you may end of saying something wrong or at an inopportune time. People who work in partnership need to be careful. People who want to get into a partnership should wait until the 10th of September. People in jobs/looking for a job can expect a favorable time in their careers, but they may have to go somewhere to earn more. People dealing in shares should be careful and not block too much of their money in shares. It's not a good time for your repute or social standing.

Scorpio: You need to be careful about your head (headaches) and stomach. Don't lift too much weight. Be careful about sudden anger. You may have back pain. Apply eucalyptus/mustard oil on the soles of your feet as you may have some pain in them. Married people need to be careful about their relations with their in-laws. People doing work in partnership or working by depending on someone need to be careful until September 10th.

Saggitarius: Take special care of your stomach and back. Don't let your immune system weaken. Everyday, take some basil, ginger, and black pepper tea. There be some disruptions in family life due to your children, spouse, or father or father's health. It's an ordinary time for businessmen, so don't take any big decisions during this time or do so only after great deliberation/advice. It's not a good time in regards to your repute either if you work for someone else. It's a good time for students. Make your Jupiter stronger by doing cow, Guru, and temple related remedies.

Capricorn: There are some obstacles in your good luck. Make sure you maintain good relations with your father until 5th Septemeber. If you're trying for a promotion or doing something to increase your business, then be very careful. Try not to invest any money without careful deliberation and advice. Remedy: gift some clothes and food to girl chidren who are less than 8 years of age on a Friday and wear a rudraksh bead on any day.

Aquarius: If your shoulders, heart, kidney or blodd pressure are effected in any way, then restrict your diet and take medical advice. Walk barefoot on grass. Donate "urad" dal/black lentils on Saturdays until 5th of September. There may be some tension in the family due to a friend. It's a normal time for businesspeople, but people who deal with spirituality/philosophy, media, or the arts can expect good times. Your enemies will weaken. There are signs of sudden finanacial gains for spiritual people. You may get special benefits by taking your parents to some religious places.

Pisces: Be careful about problems related to headaches and stomach. Anger may also cause you harm. Don't life heavy weight. Massage the soles of your feet with mustard/eucalyptus oil. Be careful about your married life otherwise there may be problems. People in partnerships need to be careful until 10th of September.


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