Vani Dosh - Does Your Speech Turn People Away?

November 10, 2013

Sometimes, we may not be able to convey what we're thinking and end up saying things that we did not intend to say.

This shows a lack of coordination between the body and the brain. This weakness also comes up in one's writing, relationships, and other spheres of one's life where the body does not carry out the thoughts approved by the brain. For example, the brain says that although the person has made a mistake, just give him a small warning and let him go. But as you start talking, you turn the small warning into a big threat. This is the kind of problem that is caused by a certain kind of vani-dosh.

Sometimes when you start talking, the listener may ask you to be quiet as they feel offended by something you said. Some people and children alike do not have control over their tongue and end up saying things that turn out to be very hurtful to others. These are all signs of vani-dosh or the problems arising from bad speech.

  • The combination of Rahu and Mercury makes one say things in a manner that causes the listener to be hurt by them.
  • The Sun causes one to lose control over what one says and say things that causes relationships to turn sour, but this happens when one says things in anger.
  • Mars also causes vani-dosh/ problems with speech. It will make one talk in a very straightforward manner that one will forget his own principles.
  • Shani makes one speak in an abusive manner.

People with Mars and Ketu's Negative Effects:

- have a tendency to tell lies

- such individuals like to make others fight

- this combination makes the person egoistic

- the life of such people goes through a lot of ups and downs in life.

- such individuals are not able to get the joy of a married life

- they always have some kind of major accident in life.

- their old age is very bad

- do not get the support of their children or siblings

- they do not care about their home, place of worship, or their guru.

-  at some point, the voice quality goes bad - high-pitched and rough sounding.

- they have a habit of saying "I will tell it like it is" or "I will say it clearly"...


  • immediate change in behavior to get rid of the negative tendencies mentioned above
  • do rudra-abhishek
  • do "purush-sookt" jap
  • never lie or criticize anyone
  • wear a solid silver ball in a chain or in a white thread around the neck
  • care for the temple, guru, and cows - to take the help of Jupiter to get rid of the negative effects of Mars.
  • never eat very spicy, non-vegetarian, or very rich food.

Negative Effects of Buddh/Mercury:

Mercury causes diseases related to the mouth, throat, and mind that affect one's speech. In terms of the effects on one's communication, it causes problems like:

- stammering,
- inability to speak clearly,
- hesitation while speaking as it makes one forget the words while speaking,
- causes one to not find the right words while speaking.
- hoarseness in the voice
- the language that one speaks is not clean
- thyroid problems
- Mercury makes one speak in a manner which makes one tell lies and criticize others
- one talks so fast that the other person is not able to understand and becomes irritated.
- the family life of such individuals becomes unpeaceful


  • drink some "mattha" with jaggery or just "mattha" with has gone through the process of "chhonk"; "mattha" in general helps make the voice clear
  • if a child/student stammers, then they should take a spoon of coriander water and add half a teaspoon of roasted "fitkari" to it. Use this water to gargle - do not drink this.
  • sit silently and say what you want to say in a calm manner
  • do anulom-vilom
  • meditate
  • improve your self-confidence to stop hesitation while speaking
  • if a child has problems speaking or pronouncing particular sounds, then never make fun of the child. Instead, do the following remedy. Take a pinch of jeera and a pinch of sugar, grind them, and eat this mixture a few times a day. This will make the voice sweet and clear, while also getting rid of the negative effects of Mars & Ketu, Shani, or Mercury.

Symptoms On the Palm:

If the mount of Moon sticks somewhat outwards on the side (the percussion of Moon), it makes one overly emotional and not at all practical. Such a personal is either over-awed by someone and is thus unable to communicate properly. The other effect of this can be that the person is very attached to someone emotionally, which makes one unable to say what he/she intended. This even causes misunderstandings between husband and wife as they are not able to connect with each other properly at an emotional level.

If there some lines on the mount of Moon near the upper Mars area, then it shows that the emotions or weakness in the brain will cause one to say something other than what was intended.

The Mercury finger sticking too outwards from the palm, the Mercury finger being bent at the tip, many criss-crossing lines on the mount of Moon or on the middle and bottom phalange of the Mercury finger can cause one's language to be unpleasant, inability to speak the intended at a given moment, telling lies or consipiring nature even if unintentional. It can also have negative effects on one's household as well as the esophagus/throat.

Negative Effects of the Sun on the Speech:

- makes one's voice quality bad

- such individuals usually don't speak much

- when in company of a group, they may end up making some comment about someone that even turns one's friend into an enemy

- go through major losses in life due to bad speech

- the relationships and friendships of such people are never stable

- slowly, the sweetness of their voice vanishes and they may get  pain in their throats due to increase kapha


  • Meditate under the peepal tree
  • Do rudra-sookt paath
  • Grind together (mulethi) liquorice, amla, and mishri and eat it several times a day. It will help clear the throat.

Negative Effects of the Moon on One's Speech:

- inablitiy to communicate one's feelings to anyone

- hesitation before speaking

- a tendency to want to speak with someone's help. For instance, let the other person start the conversation on a particular topic and then the individual will feel confident to speak.

- makes one talk in a very lowly manner

- may start crying while speaking - even men; especially when one who is emotionally connected to someone

- there's no connection between what one says - they may say something first and then say something completely unrelated after that

=> all of this causes one to fail in life and in relationships.


  • Worship Ganesha regularly
  • Meditate on a red dot or a red flower
  • Worship Devi for sure
  • Control your emotions and don't be afraid to take any strong decision
  • Do not eat cold foods.

General Remedies to keep vani-dosh in check:

  • On the day of Mauni-amavasya, go to the place of pilgrimage and take a bath there and keep silence from this day onwards for as long as you can. It will prove very beneficial and will help you keep your negative traits in check.
  • Take the Vidhara-tree's root and wear it around your neck in a green thread on a Wednesday.
  • Start meditating on the color green
  • Be in the guidance of a Guru/teacher whom you respect - it will cause improvements in you automatically
  • Start recording yourself and analyze what you said afterwards
  • Care for people who don't have eyes or elders who don't have any children.
  • Fill up a small bottle with raw milk and leave it in some lonely spot on a Tuesday. Do this once in a while.
  • Wear a silver ball around the neck.
  • Start drinking coconut water and eat roasted cumin seeds if you suffer from anger bouts.
  • Give food to 3 dogs.
  • Donate coconut to Bhairo baba.
  • The food you eat has a great effect on your mind so people who lose their control over their speech due to anger should not eat heavy food after sunset and don't eat too late in the night.

Sometimes when people get emotional, they say things which they later realize they didn't want to say - this is caused by a negative Mercury. The negative Mercury makes them give very concrete examples of incidents and use them as base to give very sharp critique with which they make their points.

The person whose Sun is negative will bring about issues that are years old and will use them as basis to win the argument. The person will say this in just a few minutes and will then even apologize afterwards for his outburst.

Someone with a negative influence of Mars says things to anyone without any basis or reasoning - unlike the above 2 cases where the person is at least basing the things on some reasoning.

Other Remedies to Rectify the Problems of Very Harsh Speech:

  • The most important remedy is meditation. Start focusing on your personal god/isht and ask them to get you rid of your speech issues.
  • Wear 3 copper coing in a green thread on a Wednesday around your neck.


chandramouli - 1 year ago 
nice and informative , but Guru and Shukra are taken into account may i know the reasons please
Pankaj - 1 year ago 
My daughter born on 10/04/2022 at Assam Medical College -Distt Dibrugarh Assam pin-786005 ,She has speach delay and concentration problem kindly suggest any remedies ,did she has any dosh ? How to rectify it
Priti - 4 weeks ago 

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