Upbringing of Daughters

August 11, 2014

Astrology devotes a separate section just for the parenting of girls. In fact, there are even different principles to reading a girl's palm.

Daughters need a special type of parenting, especially between the ages of 7 and 15, which is the time when the body grows the most and which also determines the child's fate. If there are any bad signs in the birthchart, they can be turned favourable based on the remedies done during this period.


Parents need to be aware of their daughter's personality and also her health, and that too mostly her emotional health.

Emotions - girls need a lot more emotional support than boys, which if not given during this age can negatively affect their future. Girls' future married life, stability in life, and even her beauty is influenced by her Sun (father) and Mars (brother). So if a girl does not get support of either her father or brother, especially emotional support, then she will have to struggle hard in life to get any success in life.

If the mind line is even a slightly bit curved, then it shows that the girl is very imaginative and emotional and require more care. Parents of such girls need to spend more time with them and talk to them about their thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, they will gradually become emotionally weak.

When the girl turns 7, it's important to keep asking the following 2 questions:

1. Is there any pain in the lower back or does the lower back feel heavy? Some sort of stiffness in the body?

2. Is there any pain in the calves?

If the answer is no to both the questions, then you can assume that her health is fine. If the answer is yes, then check the lower most phalange of the index finger and the lower part of the thumb. The plumpness on the index finger and the weakness in the thumb show that although she may look  a little fat, her body lacks carbohydrates and calcium, which will cause problem in growth and concentration.

Watch Out For Early Maturity in Girls

Another thing to keep in mind until the girl turns 15 is her early maturity. The signs can be seen with the following:

  • Does she anger easily?
  • Does she talk on the phone/chat with friends for too long?
  • Does she lack patience? Usually, if she complains of stiffness in the body, it shows lack of patience.
  • If the mount of Saturn is very flat, the fate line is sort of broken and it reaches the bottom phalange of the middle finger, and the life line is chain-like/or has broken lines/is broken in the beginnning (below the index finger), then it's important to make sure that the girl sleeps on time. This is because any girl who has sleep disorders or is awake till late, usually reaches maturity very early.
  • It's important to check the girl's anxiety level, which can be due to the parents not being around much or a negative atmosphere in the home or the parents not having good interpersonal relations with daughter. It causes mental and physical complications. So keep looking at the Saturn and Moon mounts regularly to make sure these are balanced.

Important Planets For Girls: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

These can cause hormonal problems, emotional insecurity, not being bold, not having good standing in the family, there may be problems in getting married or if she does get married, then there might be too much frutstrations in the marriage.

For Mars: If there is no real brother, then it's important to either develop a social relationship which is brotherly or alternatively, the girl should eat honey and donate sweets put in an earthen pot to people who do manual labor on Tuesdays. This will improve her immune system and blood circulation. These remedies will also give boldness and self-confidence, which in turn will keep many other illnesses at bay.


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