Tips to foresee and avoid bad financial situations

July 06, 2013

From November 2013 to end of 2015 will be a bit problematic in terms of money for everyone all over the world.

Here are a few tips to avoid finanacial trouble in the future:

If your Mercury is not good, then you will have a lot of problem saving your finances.

If you're going through Rahu or Shani's planetary transit then you need to be very careful.

If your main planet (mukhya graha) is under the influence of Rahu or Shani then it will be hard for you to save your money.

If you're going through Saade-saati, then too you will need to be very careful about your finanaces.

How you know of coming bad economic times - see if even a few of these are applicable to you:

Water and electrical things in the house are getting broken.

If you're fighting more than usual with your life partner.

If you're getting many business proposals, but things aren't leading anywhere.

If you feel anxious for no reason.

If your stomach and heart issues are increasing.

If your relations with your best friends or colleagues are going wrong. These have to be from your side - that you're doing something wrong. If it's due to their bad actions, then that's not a problem.

If you feel life is very hard and you can't understand anything.

If you have a lot of saliva in your mouth while talking.

If your pets are dying or are getting sick.

If elders are sick - even if they have some cold.

If you want to donate to someone (example, cow/dog/diseased person), but that person can't be found/or if they don't accept your donation, then also be aware. Find the person to donate to and request them to accept your donation.

If there's water leaking into the ceiling.

If you feel like you want to invest your money as soon as possible - without patience.

Signs to watch on your hand:

- Any black mole on Sun mount or on the 1st phalange of the sun finger is not bad - this shows money issues. You can even lose your saved up money. You will take the decision that will lead to loss - through partnership or any other means. Don't invest in oil or property without proper advice.
If you invest into the educational field, then that will help you.

- If your moon mount - in the middle, has a mole, then this shows loss of money due to deception by a friend. This may also cause problem due to enmity by someone at work. Do not work with anyone from "nanihaal". Start fixing 25% of your earnings for saving only. Do not put immovable property at risk. Improve your focus at work.

- If you have a star on upper mars, or if you have a small mole on the upper mars area, this leads to issues due to some illness in the family (do Hanuman Bahu PAATH). Do Srisukt Paath at least once a week. Other it shows a tendency to squander money. Donate bricks for the building of a religious place.

- If under Mercury line, you have many lines, then this means that due to your bad decisions or deception from partner, then you can lose even your money. Ganesh Atharvasheersh paath should be done. Start saving 36% of your salary - especially if this area is black. Do not use this money unless there's some serious need..
Green moong - 5 seeds - throw them in water everyday for 45 days.

- On Jupiter finger, if the bottom most phalange has many lines, then for 1 year, be very careful about where your money is going to. This is especially true if there's a cross on your mount. Also, if there's mole on the first phalange, then every thursday donate 5 fruits in the temple for 1 year. On Thursdays, give gur to cows for 1 year. Keep a silver ball/silver moon with you. Save 27% of your earnings to a savings account.

- Venus: if a line from lower mars goes down to Venus - money loss due to health. If a line from Venus cuts across your fate line, then you'll have money loss due to your carelessnes or bad decisions (unnecessary expenditure on branded stuff or car or clothes). You may waste money on friends. Never gamble. Do Ratri Sookt Paath on Wednesday and Friday. On Friday clean your workplace on your own.

- Shani: If there are many horizonatl lines in the middle phalange or if there's a black spot here, save 21% of your earning. Be very careful about investing in property and don't gamble. If the bottom most phalange has moles/lots of lines, then someone will deceive you or due to some major illness you will lose a lot of money. Pray to Hanuman if this is the case.


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