The Thumb & Its Secrets

September 04, 2012

Brain, spine, thyroid, concentration, fate, health, anger and wealth - all these can be discovered by looking at one's thumb.

If both phalanges are equal, the thumb is long, if the middle line is a single line, then this is very good - such a person achieves a lot with less struggles. However, as the line increases and then achievements increase along with struggles. They have good life after 24.

You should see both side thumbs, but trust the right thumb.

If you stick your thumb out (like thumbs up) and your thumb leans forward or backward, then this is a sign of weak mental state. If the thumb's angle sticks too much (it has to be abnormally sticking out) outwards then you are someone who complains a lot about others or is negative. If it sticks out normally, then you can become famous or you can get a lot recognition.

If the nail on the thumb, doesn't have a bit of moon shpae on it then you need to do some yoga to make your brain stronger, meditation and also take some calcium. A moon on this is very good.

If your thumb has the shape of a turtle, then you need to destress, get a Guru and listen to Satsang.

If your thumb's nail is flat, is stuck the skin of thumb, pinkish then that shows a high brain power . You can do a lot of work without it stressing you or effecting your brain.

If the angle of the upper part of the thumb is in the shape of a bow, then you'll get good recognition and your select friends will always be helpful to you. However, if the thumb sticks out too much, then you'll make friends very quickly and they will go away just as fast. This also means that your professional relationships will be very good, but the same won't be true of your personal relationships.

Also, if the bone is not sticking out at all then this means you won't have anyone to call your own.

Love life: If you don't have a third phalange/division in the thumb, then this means you'll have to struggle/adjust and sacrifice a lot to get love. If your 3 divisions are of equal length, then this means that you'll achieve a lot due to your willpower. And despite having all achievements, you'll get good cooperation from your life partner.
Even if the third division is not as big, then this means you'll surely marry.
If the division at the bottom is not proper and has a cut, then this means you'll need to Mars related remedies throughout life.


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