The pros and cons of wearing Blue Sapphire / Neelam

October 10, 2013

Many people are confused or even afraid of wearing a blue sapphire.

If your Shani/Saturn effects your mukhya graha in some way, then wearing blue sapphire will be very beneficial to you. 

This stone makes one's mind calmer, sharper, and therefore helps one do things in a proper manner.

Who can wear blue sapphire?

This stone helps you greatly if you need to do investigative work, your brain is unable to think or take correct decisions. It makes one more capable of doing things and doing them in the correct way. If you feel your brain is not sharp enough - you can't read between the lines, you feel others are dominating you as you aren't able to think straight or understand people correct, then this helps you develop a vision. 

If it doesn't suit you, it creates a lot of pain in your arms and legs, makes you take wrong decisions and hence, you start fighting all kinds of people and you start misusing your money - this can cause you to become very poor ultimately due to the bad effect on your decision making ability.

If Shani is weak in your birth-chart, then the wearing of blue sapphire can be very beneficial for you as long as Shani is not Markesh, in which case it can cause immense problems.

Wearing blue sapphire during saade-saati is a good idea as it can actually turn this bad period into a very good period for you.

If Shani is the lord of your 2nd, 9th, or 11th house or is sitting in one of these houses, then it will make you take good decisions - especially in the stock market which will bring about riches.

If Shani is the lord of the 2nd and 3rd house and you wear blue sapphire, then this stone can even make you a very good singer.

Who should not wear blue sapphire?

If your Shani is in your 3rd or 8th house of your birth-chart, then do not wear this stone. If you are unable to see in your birth-chart, then see if the following applies to you: your vehicle gets damaged often, you are easily irritated, you work till late in the night and find it hard to wake up in the morning, your head hurts when walking in the Sun; or if you have problems with stomach or pain in the lower back, then you should not wear blue sapphire.


rumpa - 5 years ago 
Hi, I have makar rashi and lagna as my birth details are as follows: 11-jul-1979, 7:14pm, kolkata, india. but shani is sitting with rahu in 8th house of leo, i was recommended by two astrologers to wear neelam for my mrrg as shani promises mrrg. But according to you one should not wear neelam in this case, and yes I have all the above issues faced. Also once i tried neelam, i had bad dreams during my nap also, and in that evening i have severe injury. So what should I wear I wear for shani to help me in getting mrrd?
Sherrill - 4 years ago 
A new Astrologer told me I can wear blue sapphire. I bought from him and he also gave me a talisman. Two weeks after wearing, I fell down from a moving escalator and hurt my right knee. I was constantly irritated, angry, tired, sleeping pattern went haywire, my mother was falling sick easily, lost my motivation and I stopped being my usual self. The Astrologer told me not to remove the blue sapphire ring and talismans or their powers will be remove. However, after 1.5 months of wearing, I removed them. Immediately removing the ring, I became dizzy and I felt lighter. Took 2 days to be my usual self. Hence, yes, even Virgo Lagna with Saturn in 2nd house, I realise that Sun is also 2nd house of my birth chart. Conflicting planets there. My mother has Saturn in her 4th house and I’ve Moon + Kethu in my 4th house, I guess when I wore the blue sapphire ring onmy middle finger, it somehow affected my mother’s health. I don’t even know what’s the talisman for. I kept them away. I’m now getting white sapphire and emerald as Venus and Mercury are in my 1st house birth chart. I used to wear white sapphire and it did bring me favour. 2017 I entered Venus Mahadasa. Just sharing my experience with blue sapphire. Not all Virgos can wear even it. Thank you
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Hey does that makes your head feel heavy, please help

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