Taking & Giving Loans in Astrology

June 19, 2014

Not everyone should take or give loans.

One of the principles of astrology is that a planet's effect on us creates certain behavioral changes in us. Equally important to know is that once someone takes a loan, it activates certain planets - if those planets are positive, then they will be beneficial. However, if those activated planets are negative, then the effects will cause a great loss - not just monetary, but also in other spheres of life.

For instance, you may have seen that some person's health or relationships may have deteriorated after taking a loan, while in another case, a person started to reap great benefits after having taken a loan. For example, if someone takes a loan due to Shani - this is especially people with Leo moon signs - then they will notice that their health and the health of their spouse will deteriorate soon after taking the loan.

Learn below about some signs in your birthchart that may tell you about your own case. Note that the negative effects of taking or giving loans mostly show between the ages of 36 and 42, so if you're approaching these ages, please be very careful when deciding on these issues.

Signs from the birthchart/kundli:

Anyone whose birthchart shows the planets or house lords of the 6th or 12th house affecting the 11th or 2nd house shows that the person will take some loan at some time. This influence shows the inability to acquire what one may need without taking a long.

If the 3 planets - Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are weak, then too a person will feel the need to take a loan for special events such as weddings or buying property. This will happen even if the person may be very wealthy as it may create situations where the person's money may be stuck in some fixed deposits due to which the need to take a loan will arise.

If Saturn/Shani and Rahu affect the 12th, 2nd, or 6th houses then one may need to take a loan due to some compulsion or some sort of dire need.

If someone is in business and his Mercury is affected by a negative Shani or Rahu, then the person will be in great debt despite what outward appearances may show.

If there is an affect on the 11th house from Shani or Rahu, then it creates some problems in one's behavior that the person keeps taking loans.

If Shani, Rahu, and Jupiter affect the 6th house, then too one is in a tough position to repay his debt.

If Mercury and Jupiter are weak, then never take a loan in your own name only. Ideally, make your mother, your daughter, your wife, or your second child a partner in that loan.

People whose Sun is strong, should never donate anything for the Sun. So, people whose Sun is in Aries should not donate any objects that signify the Sun as it will cause them to not receive good affects of the Sun and they can get entangled in debts they are not able to repay.

In general, Aries and Pisces Moon signs need to be especially carefully when thinking of giving or taking loans.

Anyone who has pitra dosh should not give loans in general.

Note for People With Aries Moon Sign:

Arians or people whose ascendant/lagna is Aries, and Shani affects Mercury, then they might be intertwined in the circle of debt as the purpose of the loan is not fulfilled. So it becomes even harder to repay the loan.

If the 2nd and 6th houses are affected by Ketu, then a person usually takes a loan due to feeling that they need more things. Ultimately, the person is not able to repay the loan.
If Rahu is affecting the 6th house, then the person may be habitual of taking loans, which again is not a good thing.

Signs on the Palm:

If there's a ditch in the middle of the palm, then it becomes hard for one to repay a loan. For married individuals who have this ditch, a good remedy to be able to easily repay a debt is to have your spouse who does not have the ditch become a partner in the loan. And if it's not clear, then if both of you have a ditch in the middle of the your palms, then try to avoid taking any loans. If you aren't married, then you can make your father/mother who may not have this ditch be your partners in that loan.

If the area of Rahu is where your fate line stops, then you shouldn't either take or give loans. For people who are in the profession of lending money and they have this kind of fate line, they should consider changing their line of work as they may face very tough situations where people aren't able to repay them. The same applies to people whose mount of Mercury - under the little finger has too many crossing lines on it. Additionally, people who have a ring of Saturn or the fate line goes all the way to the base phalange, then too, they should not take or give loans despite facing any difficulties.

People whose Rahu and Ketu (ketu mount is elevated on the palm) are strong should also never take loans. If they do, it may result in people deceiving them or they may have to deceive others to get out of debt despite getting into bigger troubles after the deception.Side note: usually, it's considered good that the planets are strong, but if cruel planets such as these are strong, they can give negative effects.

Remedies that can be done after taking a loan as per the Moon signs:

Aries: If you've taken a loan, then give some yoghurt and some sweets to cows on Fridays and do the Durga-saptashati paath

Taurus: Feed barley (jawar) to birds; feed barley to cows on a Friday. If you feel a lot of troubles, then take some barley mixed with milk and throw in some flowing water.

Gemini: Put some milk in your bath water and bathe with that milky water on poornamaasi; also donate some kheer on purnamaasi; if you have taken a big loans, then do the gayatri mantra during sunset. Here's a video that correctly pronounces this mantra for 108 times: 

Cancer: Add some kesar to your food or tea; throw some jaggery/gud in flowing water on a Sunday if you're under great troubles or if you've given a loan, which the person is not paying back.

Leo: Offer some oil to the peepal tree's root on a Saturday and also sit under the tree whenever you get a chance; gift some bangles and kum-kum to married women or give it to them through your mother/sister after buying them with your money.

Virgo: light a candle in front of the Tulsi plant; this is a very important remedy for homes where there is lot of debt or if people in the home quarrel a lot; stop eating urad dal and donate it instead.

Libra: donate surma on Mondays; wear a gold or brass ring in your index finger; especially if the mount of Jupiter is flat.

Scorpio: start doing Om Bhram chant with the help of a turmeric bead; donate some bricks that can help build a home for a poor person or for a religious place. You can donate any amount, but it has to be a donation relative to the amount you earn. So, the sense of sacrifice needs to be there. For instance, if someone earns $10 and donates bricks for $5, then it's a huge donation. On the other hand, a donation of $5 is hardly felt by someone who earns $1000.

Sagittarius: see your reflection in an iron bowl that has some oil in it and donate both the bowl and the oil. Make sure you see your reflection with concentration - this will bring about positivity in you and get rid of negativity. It will stop any wrong decisions you take and help you take the right decisions. Help little girls as much as you can.

Capricorn: stay away from other women as they may cause the reason for your money loss; give some sweets made of sesame seeds to maids/servants.

Aquarius: make some kheer with some kesar in it especially on a Thursday and eat it yourself and also give to others; do narayana puja and chant "om narayana namo namaha"; give some silver and rice to your wife or mother as gift.

Pisces: gift revari or batasha to little girls any day of the week; give some donations to leprosy patients - either copper or some wheat.

Remedies for people if the money loaned by you is not coming back:

Firstly, if you haven't given the loan yet, then try to make sure that the person you are loaning to has a positive Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter. This will ensure that you get your money back along with interest. However, if you give loan to someone whose Rahu and Ketu are strong or negative, then due to some reason or the other, you may not get your money back without a fight or after doing some remedies and there would not be a guarantee of you getting back your full amount. If it's too late to ascertain this, or you've already given the loan due to some compulsions, then read the remedies below:

  • Throw some alcohol in sewage water (not in clean water) on a Saturday. Throw it slowly while praying to God to help you get the money back.
  • Donate mustard oil and black sesame seeds on Saturdays - especially people who have the ring of Saturn on their palm.
  • Light a candle with mustard oil during sunset while facing the East and close your eyes; then focus on the individual who owes you money for 10 minutes and ask him to give you your money back. This is a special remedy, which although it may seem odd will show results.
  • Gajendra moksha  paath is very useful in getting rid of debt.
  • Vishnu sahastranaam chant needs to be done everyday especially for people who have the following Moon signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemeni, Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • Throw some coal made of wood in some dirty water (not clean water or river) on a Saturday.
  • Try to feed sweet chapatis to either a cow, bull, or a dog on a Monday, Thursday, or a Saturday.
  • Do remedies for pitra dosha.

Remedies for people who are stuck in deep debt:

  • The most powerful remedy is to pray to your isht.
  • Whenever you need to give some water to someone, try not to have the glass too empty.
  • Offer milk to the roots of the peepal tree or tulsi.
  • Donate 5 utensils as gifts to a bride at her wedding.
  • Do one of the following mantras in crisis: Om Shrim Namaha or Om Hring Han(g) Sah
  • You may also do the following special chant for prosperity:







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