Sun's Movement Into Scorpio

November 17, 2014

Sun will be in Scorpio for a months and will affect all the signs in some manner during this period. Below are the effects on each zodiac sign along with the remedies to minimize the neative effects.

Aries: This is not going to be a favorable time for you. Business will not see much improvements. People who are in politics need to be especially careful as the time is not in their favor. Remedies: do the mantra "om han(g) hanumantaaye namaha" everyday as much as possible; donate turmeric every now and then. 

Taurus: Spend your time carefully especially in terms of professional matters. The problems will be due to the decisions you take. You may also feel over-confident when it comes to doing some work, which may cause some problems. Their might be some quarrels at home as well as in your married life. Remedies: go to the temple everyday; work hard on your projects.

Gemini: Drive carefully, don't spend your money on any big expenditure and also be careful when it comes to your investments. If you have some illness, then be very diligent in your diet and medicines as the coming month may prove to be tough on your health. Make sure you do not get any illness related to the stomach. Remedies: do not lie; stay away from controversies; donate ghee, curd, and potatoes to the temple every Sunday.

Cancer: You will need to be very careful about your family and married life for the coming month to avoid some kind of problem. There may also be some adverse effects on your social status, so be careful about what you do and say during the coming month. Remedies: respect your elders every day and donate the tulsi plant - ideally on Sundays.

Leo: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars will cause some illness and your enemies to come to the fore. However, the effects of the Sun will help you overcome them. Be careful about some problems at your workplace. You will also get some help in your business, just as long as you take sound advice before taking any big decisions. Remedies: don't eat food that causes gas or acid; do Hanuman worship or Ram Raksha strotra paath everyday.

Virgo: Your anxiety levels may increase. There may be some problems or tussles related to children, between lovers, husband & wife. It's not a good time for people who are in jobs, so be careful. If you have any problems related to the stomach, then take precautions and medical advice as needed. Some people may have some issues related to the skin. Despite everything, you will overcome all your anxieties, stress, ailments, and all sort of struggles. You will also see success in getting more wealth. Remedies: do not eat food that causes acid and gas; do not take anything for free - do something in return for anything you receive. 

Libra: You have to be careful about your stomach, friends, vehicles, and your education. Businessmen need to spend the coming month calmly. People who have problem related to the chest, heart, or blood pressure need to be careful and take medical advice as necessary. There may be some hurdles due to friends - espeically married couples. Overall, the coming month is good. There will also be avenues for increasing wealth. Remedies: donate some food - including rice and turmeric to pre-pubescent poor girls everyday; give green grass to cows every Wednesday.

Scorpio: People who want to make money or get education away from home will see a favorable month ahead. People who drive fast, can incur some losses. You will occassionally feel very sad and absent-minded. Make sure you do not drive when you are feeling like that. Otherwise the time is good for you. Do not take any decisions related to younger children, if you need to, then take appropriate advice before deciding. As the Sun will move into Scorpio, it's necessary that people who have problems related to the neck, lungs, shoulders, or head should take timely medical advice as needed. Do not stress yourself. Remedies: laugh as much as you can; give yellow sweets to pre-pubescent girls - every other day or everyday - if possible.

Sagittarius: This change may bring losses if you do not take appropriate advice before deciding to invest. You should also not decide on matters related to marriage, real estate, etc..Do hard work and maintain your will power. Remedies: do the mantra "om shrim namaha" everyday for 108 times; do turmeric and saffron tilak everyday.

Capricorn: Hidden enemies will become active against you. Your friends and your life partner may also cause you some anxiety. Family members may blame you for problems that had nothing to do with you. Stay away from unnecessary quarrels. Be calm at your workplace. Take precautions when it comes to problems related to the head or mind. Remedies: meditate everyday; remember your parents and God; donate some oil, almonds, and coconut every Thursday to someone poor - not beggarsor you can leave it by the river.

Aquarius: Be careful about anything you do - whether you are studying, doing a job, or any business. Keep your money and expensive things safe. Be wary of your expenditures - try not to spend much. If you are married, spend more time on family matters. Keep a check on your speech. Keep careful about your eyes and your intestines. Remedies: do not hear or say any lie; put some mustard oil on your feet before going to sleep.

Pisces: It's going to be a very good time for intellectuals - they will get new ideas, which may bring them name and wealth in the coming years. Your life will be easier even if you first have to do some struggles - the outcome will be in your favor. You will have to be careful from stomach related diseases and also care for your intestines. Remedies: do not take anything for free; give food to younger members of your family.


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