Sun Moving Into Cancer and Effects on Your Moon Sign

July 16, 2014

The Sun has moved into Cancer 21:52 India time today. It will stay in Cancer until the 17th of August. For the next 6 months Sun will be moving towards the South direction. 

This change will greatly affect ups and downs in politics, increased terrorist activities, and will cause a general lack of empathy in people. However, people who are spiritual can start attaining "siddhis" - so any work done during the next 6 months - mantra chanting, shraadh, tarpan, donation, rituals, yag, or any other spiritual practices will bring about more positive results than before.

Sun's state on your palm:

If the Sun's line is long and dark, then the Sun's effects are really good for you - it gives timely benefits of money, reputation, etc. If the line is broad, then it will have a negative effect on your heart, your reputation, and your relationship with your father. If the line is short and there are many lines on the mount of Sun, then it's a bad sign especially to students as it shows dissipation of your energy.

If the Sun has a negative effect on you, then it will cause you migraine in half of your head. As a remedy, eat some warm jalebi (Indian sweet) and drink some milk in the morning. If you are diabetic, then eat jalebi that hasn't gone through the sugary syrup. Another remedy is to put some cow's ghee on the nose. Also, you may want to wear the kaner tree's root in a necklace (can be worn in a thread too) on a Sunday.

Sun directly affects the father, reputation, and money. So it's important to know the effect on each Moon sign and what remedies can be done to negate the bad effects:

Aries: This is not a good change for you. It will not cause any special improvements in your business or workplace. So trust in your hardwork, your own intelligence, and your god. People who are in politics need to be careful as it's not a favorable time for you. You have to be especially careful when it comes to work related to the stockmarket or real estate. There can be problems in the relationship with your father, your marriage, or any romantic relationship you may be in. Pray for peace in your marriage for the next 40 days and try to maintain peace with your partner despite any quarrels. As a remedy, use as little gold as possible and donate some turmeric.

Taurus: You need to spend the time until August with great caution as there might be problems related to your profession. You may have a tendency to be either lazy or over-confident at work. Any problem will be a result of bad decision-making from you. Also, be extra careful when driving. Your enemies will calm down, but there will still be tensions. Your hardwork will be rewarded despite everything. Take care of your heart and stomach. As a remedy to avoid any harm to your reputation, donate some food to poor young girls and to cows on a Friday.

Gemini: Be very careful while driving, making any big purchase, or investing in anything. Try to avoid any problems with your back and stomach. If you have any disease then be disciplined in taking your medicines. Control your speech as saying something that you didn't mean to can cause a great deal of problem to you. As a remedy, do the chant of "Om bum budhaya Namaha"; stay away from gossip; do not tell lies; and donate ghee, yoghurt, and some potatoes to a temple every now and then. Here's the buddh mantra for those of you who want to get the pronunciation right:

Cancer: You need to pay special attention to your family - primarily to your spouse to avoid any problems. There's a possibility that your reputation may be maligned due to a colleague or someone close to you. Do not do anything where you may be the wrong-doer even if others may blame you. Try to be calm and keep a low profile in the next 6 months. Be careful when doing any investments - especially related to real estate. People who are in some line of work where they are in partnership with someone else or in some type of own business need to be especially careful. At least heed to the advice for you until mid August. Remedies: give respect to the elderly in some form. If you have to have a partner in your busines, then make your mother or wife the partner. Donate the tulsi plant every now and then.  

Leo: There may be an increase in diseases and enemies; your concentration will weaken; your anger will increase. There might be problems at work and no special help will be there in your business. You need to be more careful than usual when taking any decisions. You will feel weakness in your body. Take care of your head and eyes. Try not to drive late at night as any travel may have some hurdles. Remedies: donate the moonga/coral stone, do not eat anything that is not fresh/freshly made, wear something made of copper.

Virgo: This transit will increase your anxiety levels especially related to your children, spouse, and lover. It can also cause you throat and skin related issues. However, despite all the anxiety, this period will prove beneficial in increasing your wealth. People who are involved in work related to the legal profession or who work as consultants need to be very careful when they speak as they may utter something unintenionally. They should also be careful about their health. Remedies: never take anything for free - this includes people who take bribes - only take money for what you have worked hard for; donate to young girls on a Shuklapaksh Friday or help them in any form on that day.

Libra: You need to be very careful in regards to your stomach, friends, and your studies. There may be some bitterness in your relationships. People who are involved in their own business need to be extremely careful when investing their money. You may susceptible to problems related to your chest, heart, and blood pressure. There's nothing much to worry about as long as you are careful about the things mentioned here and do the remedies, which are as follows: stop the intake of alchol and tobacco and wear the swastik in any metal around your neck on any day.

Scorpio: If you'd like to go away from home or do some travel for the purposes of making money or study, then there's nothing to worry about just be careful about your health and not being deceived by anyone. People who drive very fast need to very alert as you may be absent-minded at times. You may feel depressed and/or unhappy at most times. You may also feel yourself to be disorganized during the next 6 months. Try not to take any decisions related to your business or young children. If the decisions are required, then ask others to help you decide. People who have problems related to the neck, shoulders, lungs, and head need to careful and adhere to the advice of doctors. As a remedy, start laughing more - not the kind that one does in laughter yoga but the laughter caused by listening to anything funny; give yellow sweets to young girls; spend some time with your guru and respect them;  if you don't have one then meditate on Ganesha for some time using perhaps the following powerful mantra:

Sagittarius: This is a time that will bring you wealth. You may move to a new place to live or just visit which will make you happy. It's a good time for students too. Try not to take any decisions related to your family as they may turn out to be the wrong decisions which can cause you problems. You also need to be careful from friends. As remedies: do the chant of the mantra "Om Shrim Namaha" whenever you can and as much as you can; do a tilak of turmeric and saffron on the forehead. Here's a video to get you started on this beautiful mantra right away:

Capricorn: Your hidden enemies will become alert during this time and your friends and life partner may also cause you anxiety - not that they will do anything wrong, but they may be in trouble which will cause you to be anxious. As a remedy, try to stay away from any type of fights or quarrels. Maintain a low profile at your workplace for the next 40 days. People who have problems related to the head should take medical advice in case of any problems. As remedies: do the chant of the mantra "om gram grim grom sah guruve namaha"; donate oil, almonds, and a coconut to some poor worker or let them flow in some water every Thursday. Below is a video that you can use for your meditation on the Guru mantra.

Aquarius: Be careful in everything from your studies, to job, to business. You also need to protect your money from unnecessary expenditure and thieves. If you are married, try to devote more time to your spouse and household needs. Control your speech. Careful about your eyes and intestines. As a remedy, plant a peepal tree on a Saturday every now and then and apply some mustard oil on your feet before sleeping - even on nails will do.

Pisces: There may be some problems in your body - take medical advice when necessary. Those of you who are masters of your work will get more ideas that will help them improve their reputation and bring them wealth. If you're intending to go abroad, then it will become easy to do so and you will be succesful in your goals. However, be careful about your stomach and eyes. Remedies: get rid of your arrogance and egoistic behavior; serve food to people in the family who are younger than you; do not take anything for free.


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