Sun's Movement into Virgo

September 16, 2014

The Sun's movement into Virgo on 17th of September will have effects on all zodiac signs for the coming 30 days. So here are the changes that will come from tomorrow onwards:

Aries: The coming 30 days' effects is not going to be too positive. There won't be much improvements in your business or at your workplace. There can be problems especially for people in politics. As a remedy, donate 5 fruits at least on Sundays.

Taurus: You need to be careful for the next month. There can be some problems in your profession, which will primarily be caused by the decisions you take. There can be a great deal of loss due to laziness or over-confidence at work. The quarrels at home may increase your problems further, so be careful. Remain calm in tense situations at home to avoid further quarrels. Remedy: since it's mostly your professional life that will be getting disturbed, take a minute to meditate on your isht dev before leaving your home.

Gemini: Be careful while driving, buying any vehicle, or while investing in something. If you have some disease, then be regular in the advice/medication given by your doctor. Be very careful about your stomach. Remedy : donate the tulsi plant on a Sunday - this will not only benefit the person you're giving it to, but will also bring positive effects to you.

Cancer: You need to very careful about your family and marital life to avoid any problems. Your social status may suffer a setback so make sure you do not do anything wrong from your side knowingly.

Leo: The transit of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars will bring your enemies and sickness to the forefront. Your health can be at risk too. However, doing remedies will help you overcome the problems. You will get help in your workplace after doing some of the remedies mentioned below. Just to be careful when taking decisions as your bad decisions can cause a lot of financial loss as well as harm your reputation.

Virgo: The Sun's movement will bring you a lot of anxieties - especially in regards to your children, spouse/romantic partner. It's not a good time for people who are in jobs, so be very careful. Some problems with the stomach may increase. Take care of your skin to avoid any dryness. Despite all the problems, you will be able to increase your wealth.

Libra: This Sun can bring losses in regards to your stomach, friends, education, and vehicles so be careful. People in business need to spend this time patiently. People who have problems with the chest, blood pressure, or heart should be careful and take medical advice when necessary. It's a time for change, so if you decide after taking sound advice, it will bring you success.

Scorpio: If you'd like to study or work after doing some travelling/ going far away from home, then it will be a good time for you. Don't drive fast and follow the rules on the road as you may not be able to concentrate well due to the effects of the Sun. You may feel a bit anxious or absent-minded, so it's better to avoid things that require your utmost concentration. Do not make any decisions in regards to your business, family, or children. If you still need to decide on something, be sure to take some sound advice before making your decision.

Sagittarius: Think many times over before deciding about investing your money. Do not take any big decisions related to the family/extended family members. There may a bad effect on your reputation so avoid unnecessary decision-making. Be disciplined in your work. Work on maintaining your self-confidence high.

Capricorn: Some hidden enemies may arise against you, so be careful. Your friends and your life-partner may also give you some tensions - for instance, they may fall ill that might cause you anxiety. You may be held responsible for any mistakes done by the family even if it's not your fault. So stay away from unnecessary quarrels. Spend the next 30 days with patience at your workplace too. Be calm to avoid saying something in anger. People who have any problems with the head or nervous system, shouldn't overlook them. Do the remedies mentioned below to reduce/avoid the bad effects.

Aquarius: Be careful in anything you do - whether it  be studies, jobs, work, or business. Save your money from unnecessary expenditure as well as thieves. If you are married, then spend some time in your household activities too. Keep a check on your speech - don't say anything nasty to anyone. Be careful about your eyes and intestines and take medical advice if you sense any problem.

Pisces: Intellectuals will get new ideas that will help the gain more wealth and recognition. If you are wanting to go abroad, then it will be easy. You will be able to complete your goals. However, there can be problems with the stomach and eyes. So, be careful about these.

Remedies to Reduce Sun's Negative Effects:

  • Donate turmeric on a Thursday or Sunday.
  • Donate ghee, yoghurt, and potatoes to a temple.
  • Donate a tulsi plant.
  • Do aditya-hridya stotra - at least 3 times or gayatri yagya - at least 51 aahutis.
  • If you feel that your problems have increased a lot after the 17th of September in regards to your father, reputation, eyes, wealth, or friends, then donate some oil, 5 almonds, coconut, & some money to a poor laborer or put them at the banks of the river after touching them with water (so someone in need can take them and make use of them).


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