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August 27, 2014

Stomach Problems

Stomach issues are one of the biggest cause of bad health in people. Too much gas can also lead to Parkinson's disease over time as it causes loss to the connection between the brain and body, making it all the more important to fix any stomach issues at the earliest. Below are a few ayurvedic and astrological pointers for the stomach and related diseases:

- Make sure you use "harad" in your food for any stomach related issues. How to: roast some harad with cow's ghee and grind it; mix it in garam masala and any other spice mix you use.

- People who suffer from some kind of pain in the stomach or body h or have some gas issues need to make use of red cardamom (elaichi in Hindi) in their food or rice.

Check Diseases On the Palm: 

If there are many small broken lines on the mount of Mercury, it causes a lot of problems so stop eating food which is not freshly made.

If there are any islands on the life line, then start eating "amrit-bindu" regularly.

Any broken lines or spots on the mount of Moon show that one should use asafoetida (heeng) in the food especially in lentils. Also, one should stop eating late in the night.

If the fingers are short and plump, then one should eat food that does not cause gas and always avoid anxiety.

If the mind line is broken under the Saturn finger, then also stop eating food that is not freshly made. Apply "amrit-bindu" on the soles of the feet.

If the middle finger tilts towards the index finger and the middle finger is knotty, then eat "munakka" at night to avoid constipation.

If the fingers and nails are becoming very shiny, then start drinking a lot of water, eat oats for breakfast, and use "choker" flour for chappatis. Otherwise one can get pain and joint related illnesses.

People whose mount of Moon is suppressed and the upper Mars has lines going downwards or if the lower Mars is somewhat raised; the palm is short and hand feels very firm, and the mind line stops shortly after the middle finger, should not generally take medicines for any stomach related issues. They should work on their anxiety, which is the cause of their gas, pain in the knees, too much Vaat in the body, etc...

If the bottom most phalange of the Jupiter finger (index finger) is thick and plump and the finger tilts towards the Saturn finger (middle finger), then be careful about your food throughout life. Maintain your diet. Wear a punarva root in white or yellow thread or wear a bit of pomegranate wood in an orange thread around the neck. Also do chant of "om brim brahspataaye namah" everyday. This will reduce the tendency to eat junk food and instead help one make healthier choices.


Jupiter makes one eat good food, but if it's negative, then it makes the person eat junk food which causes problem with Vaat and Pitta. It can lead to gas and hyper-acidity.

Moon's weakness can cause one to not feel hungry as it disturbs the endocrine glands. Moon also causes constipation. So, get rid of ego and any fears about the future through meditation, get rid of greed, and stop criticizing others. So, once the mind becomes healthy it will automatically improve the health of the stomach gradually. 

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