Some things we must never waste

July 13, 2013

Our previous lives determine our happiness in our present lives. This is why we must always be spiritual.

There are a few items that cause effect on our fate in this and our next lives.

For example:

People who have disrespected food in the past life have issues with the stomach. They have problems getting knowledge and a "guru". They have problems with their job/career too.

Milk - causes problem with animals, their house does not flourish, they don't have wealth or they can't use it properly.

Water - don't get care/love from mother or mother's family.

Trees - don't get children or if they do, then the kids live away from them.


Below each is discussed in detail:

WATER - if you waste even a drop or disrespect water, it causes issues in the present life. It's directly related to your fate and mental state. It causes problems to business and health and causes bad effect on animals in the house. It causes bad relations between the kids too. From 7 to 25 years of age and worse are between 22 and 25. It causes issues with your life-partner too.
- don't make rivers dirty
- don't pee or wash clothes in the river
- don't throw anything dirty in the water
- don't waste extra water in washing clothes - causes vaani dosh, anger, disorganized life
- causes Moon to give bad results

PLANTS IN HOME: whenever the home plants are not in good position, then it causes some loss for sure.
If your plants get some worm/bug and you don't even try to fix them (despite the results).
- make sure you turn the soil in the plants.
- give them proper fertilizer
- it will cause health issues
- it causes pitra dosh if the plants are drying due to your carelessness
- problem with wealth and business
- don't leave the plants when you leave your home, it will cause vani-dosh
- little kids will always be sick
- relatives will either not come or will cause issues
- care of your plants should be done like you do for your kids
- you should have at least one plant in your home

MILK: wasting milk causes bad fate. If milk keeps dropping/burning/spilling over or if you're having to throw away milk made products, then causes a great deal of wealth, business, health issues and you'll spend on the health issues. The people living in the house may also start fighting/quarreling between themselves.
- if milks keeps getting wasted, despite your efforts throw 5 almonds for 5 sundays in flowing river.
- donate milk for 5 Mondays
- stop quarreling or at night close the gas with some milk drops

SALT: don't waste salt or eat too much salt
- causes negativity; loss of reputation
- issues from females
- give water to SUN
- donate 5 almonds on Sundays
- specially for people who eat a lot of salt and have too much acidity

WHEAT: waste of wheat causes bad fate
- if you don't keep wheat properly and worms develop in it
- if you make too much food and throw away the rest
- don't leave food in plate - it causes ego issues which leads to their downfall, issue with head and liver.
- people wait for food to go bad and then throw it out. Donate it if you have too much.
- causes Sun and Jupiter to give bad effects
- causes bad manners in the family
- causes health issues in females of the family
- causes females of the house to not be involved in decision-making
- causes anger and ego issues in the family members, which results in their donwfall
- wealth and good reputation don't last long
- causes lots of struggle in the second half of their life even if the beginning part was in great luxury
- causes lack of knowledge in the family members


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