Skin Problems' Astro Remedies

November 07, 2013

Skin problems can be caused from various reasons and you should take medical advice when appropriate. However, you can learn of the few astrological reasons which may be influencing your skin problems and also do some remedies that can prove helpful.

Which planets cause skin problems?

Mercury and Jupiter effected by Rahu will always cause some sort of issues.

If Venus is negative, it can cause changes in the thought process, which is then reflected on the face's skin.

Girls and women often have a lot of issues with some kinds of spots appearing on their face during hormonal changes or after pregnancy. So for females:

Symptoms On the Right Hand Palm of Females:

- if the index finger is slightly flat at the tip

- the lower most phalange is thicker and softer than the others

- the mount of Jupiter is raised and has differently shaped lines

- the life line gets thick in several places

These females need to be careful about their hormonal changes - especially if they experience itchiness in their legs below the knee. It would be beneficial for such females to wear a silver ring in the Jupiter/index finger on a Thursday. They should also start drinking more water and eating more coriander in their diet. As the hormone levels start improving, they will see their skin problems also alleviating.

Other Cases: 

If you have stomach gas issues, then you should massage with coconut oil and kapoor mixture at least 4 days a week. After massaging, wait for about 15minutes before going into the shower. This will help you get rid of the dryness of the skin, some rashes, and you will start feeling more fresh and active. Along with this, stop eating eggplant, cauliflower, "arbi", peas, meat, and stop eating arhar and urad dal at night. You can massage the coconut oil and kapoor on the face too - this mixture can also be kept overnight. The kapoor in this will also make you more calm and help your concentration.

Some people's skin is slightly yellow - this means that your skin problems will not go away until you start eating food at the right time. Using too much of mustard seeds or eating too many sour things will increase your problems and you will need to take long term medical advice. Try to sit in front of the Sun and do gayatri mantra at least 21 times and also offer a spoon of mustard seed oil to the sun. Don't take fruits or tea with your food and only drink water an hour after eating your food.

Whenever Mercury is effected by Rahu or Shani, then it causes our thoughts and anxiety to show on our face (the extra oil secretion reaches our face). As remedy, start applying cucumber and tomatoes on the face. Drink at least 4l of water, don't take cold things and apply some yoghurt on your face too to remove dryness from the face.


Rahul - 4 years ago 
Very good information

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