Shani/Saturn's Protective Shield

June 15, 2013

Shani in a bad state does not allow you to enjoy life. See some more symptoms below:

Your life-partner's thinking will be completely different from you on a mental level. The partner's status will also be very different from you and this will cause a lot of stress and tension in life.

Previous life's effects do not let you do anything great in this life, despite your talents. No one will recognize your goodness or understand your emotions.

It may not let you get love or if you do, then it will keep you away from it. It will infact cause you to get irritated by the love of your life. It will not let you live a healthy life. It will never let you save enough money. You will not be sincere at your job or you will not show your talent at work or you may use other means to get ahead at work which will cause a loss of repute.

It will not allow the person to finish the work completely, either you will stop working on it or the work wil go away by itself.

If you're a female, you may not get love from father and if you're a man, then you may not get enough love from mother.

Signs on your hand:

If the Shani finger's bottom most phalange has any vertical lines, then that is good, but these should not be cut off by horizontal lines -> this causes problems with life partner. If there's no mangal-dosh in kundali, then you'll surpass the problems, but if there is mangal dosh, it will cause a lot of problems with life-partner.

If the girdle of Shani is broken in between, it means that any luxury you're living in will decrease in the coming time.

If there are many net-like lines on the lowest or middle phalange, then it will cause bad effects of Shani.

If there's a trishul like line under the Shani finger, it may indicate a bad fate. Try to run your life with love. Try to love everyone and stop complaining about others otherwise it will bring you many problems.

Shani's Remedies:

1. Offer black sesame seeds and raw milk to Shivji. This should especially be done by people who are experiencing a troubled love life or aren't able to find a husband. Just a few drops of milk with a few sesame seeds are enough.

2. Put a self-made shivling under a peepal tree and worship it.

3. On Amavasya, do remedies for Pitra Dosh

4. Donate oil or medicine in Pushya, Anurada, Uttara, or in Bhadrapad nakshatra. You can also donate and eat salt, sarson and sesame seeds during these nakshatra times.

5. Give sesame + urad + boora mixture to ants in the morning.

6. Throw 5 urad dal seeds in flowing river.

7. Before breakfast, chew and eat black pepper

8. Put black pepper and black salt in the food on your own.

9. Rub oil on your nails on hands and feet before sleeping.

10. Do not speak in a very loud voice even though it will be hard for you. Otherwise, it will cause more problems with Shani, as it causes too many struggles due to many responsibilities.On top of that, despite you taking over responsiblities, the people whose responsibility you are taking wil not be appreciative of your sacrifices. Also, never use curse words or bad language when you talk loudly.

11. Donate "badi" made of urad dal, or urad dal, or khichdi of urad dal on Saturday

12. Keep doing anulom vilom regularly as Shani causes Vatta issues which influences the head and give back pain.

13. Do Shani Stotra paath regularly

14. Do not go to or live in broken houses.

15. Do not take anything that will make you high

16. Never eat meat if your Shani is bad

17. Give love to your life-partner otherwise you'll keep getting into trouble

18. Do satsang with Guru and temple; if you don't have a guru, go to a place like temple and get involved in the discussions that go on there.

19. Never deceive anyone despite whatever losses you're having; be honest and don't lie

20. Meditate on the mooladhara chakra

Remedies as per your Moon sign:

Aries - start reading and writing; keep careful of your eyes; do satsang; there may be too much "vayu vikaar" so be careful of what you eat

Taurus - you may get hurt on your head or some mark on your forehead; do not meet any stranger of the opposite sex at night or you'll always be deceived; never think that a land, property, or animal belongs to you - take it as belonging to someone else. Donate a black cloth 3 times a year and worship the Sun.

Gemini - help the weak; do some religious work; be careful of your heart

Cancer - be careful of heart and high blood pressure; never be egoistic; always be ready to say sorry; things will always be against you so do not astray from your aim; don't talk or walk aimlessly; you may have some bodily issues

Leo - do something for the poor and the weak (food for them); feed the poor. It may give you too much pitta disorders and issues with the eyes.

Virgo - If you follow religion, are patient and disciplined then you're getting good results from Shani. if you're maturing (maturity) by age, then Shani is being positive for you.If you're not maturing by age, then Shani is being bad for you - lead a disciplined life. An extra-marital affair will lead you to disaster. Keep donating lentils, oil, and spices otherwise a bad Shani will take you to the court or will cause you to be blackmailed.

Libra - The first half of life will not let you do anything due to bad Shani. It will cause you to do work which will be against your nature and cause problems in reputation. Always be ready to do hard work even though it would be hard for you to do due to bad Shani. Help everyone. Never let go of good ideals for some greedy results. You should get good results if you do religious work. Make sure you do some serious study, that's the only way Shani will give you good results. Donate plants  worship Shivji. Do Suray darshan - watch the rising Sun. You need to get rid of "rin" from previous life before you can get anything in this life. Do as much cleaning as possible especially on a Saturday - home, office, or temple. Kids, satsang, books, temple, and guru will bring you good results if you're in their company. Start meditating on the "nabhi" chakra.

Scorpio - always be good to the elderly and guru. Be loving to all. Stay away from doubting others. Worship Shivji. Eat simple food. Be careful about your heart, blood, and private parts. Adopt pure thoughts. Do some work/spend money on religious, societal, or work for the country. Do "namah shivay".

Sagittarius - To get good effects from Shani, you need to be a humanist. You should always avoid being selfish. Always do the mantra "om sham shanischaraya namaha". Meditate on the heart chakra.

Capricorn - Help people with leprosy. Never live in a dirty home. Never be high. Make sure anything you use is never dirty. You should try to be a simple and social person. Try to get your artistic side better.

Aquarius - help spread the word about your religion. Donate spices on Saturday. Don't make noise, don't get angry or speak loudly - be calm. Never be dirty or be in a dirty environment.

Pisces - Donate spices and bitter things. Feed and donate black lentils, chana, black pepper, yoghurt, sarson, oil, ice-cream, black flowers.

In genearl, if you do some work for your religion or nation, then any bad effects of Shani will get negated.


vishnu - 6 years ago 
Thanks for the beautiful blog.
BIMAN - 4 years ago 
Sir , I understood , as per you give us a directed me as mentioned above, but sir, since longtime back I am suffering the probs. of like feeling type " EVERY THING BLOCKED, THERE IS NO WAY ALONGWITH A TREMENDOUS MONEY PROBLEM " SIR can you please review it once again so that, shall I have to wear particular moola or shikar. Sir please .......... my DOB IS 18.04.1964 AT NIGHT 00.24 HRS IN HYDERABAD. I will be so glad if you can direct me about on way selection at this stage . Thanks & Rgds BIMAN HALDER MOB : 9088014145
Ck - 4 years ago 
Hi I would like to find out if we received the black sesame as a Prasad or daan at the temple on a Shravan Saturday. Is it fine to bring it home & it eat it.
Pooja - 4 years ago 
I m suffering from head pain and stomach problem from last one year and hv reduced 10kg weight....Have showed it to astro due to shani dhiya and rahu facing extreme health problm....keeping sat fast pls tell wht to eat particulary in sat fast and wht not to eat....and gv sol to it
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Jay shani dev
Vidhya - 4 years ago 
I am suffering from anxiety Mental stress at place of work DOB _19 jan 1970 Time 0.45 am Delhi

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