August 29, 2014

There are many minerals in salt which are required in our bodies, but it can also be very harmful to one's health if used excessively.

General Points:

Eating food without salt is considered a part of "hat-yog", where one requests God for some specific help.

People whose Moon and Mars are negative need to decrease their salt usage.

On the Palm:

If the heart line is thick/broken/not clearly visible; has lines going downwards, then one needs to make the heart stronger and decrease salt intake.

Small lines or a star in the upper part of Mars shows a possibility of blood and heart related problems in the future, so one should only take salt when absolutely necessary and reduce stress.

The middle phalange of all the fingers having vertical lines shows that blood may be becoming thick. LDL/bad cholestrol may develop if there are lines on the middle phalange of the index finger and the lower part is thick. Hence, get all the tests done and take medical advice when necessary.

Note that these signs start appearing on the palm even before the disease has developed, so one take necessary precautions in time.

Other Remedies of Salt:

If one is going through the phase (dasha/mahadasha) of Venus, then donate savory food items.

If one is going through some odd kinds of problems all of a sudden - like everyone is falling sick in the home, the plants in the home keep drying up, people in your home keep getting into accidents/getting hurt, then start mopping the floor with salty water.

If a child has been born into the family after a long time or after a lot of remedies/medical help, then start mopping the home's floor everyday with salty water for 40 days after the child's birth. If the child is still in hospital, then start the mopping on the day the child comes home.

Which Salt to Eat?

Mostly people eat salt made of ocean water, but the best salt to eat is "sendha", "lahori", or mountain salt. It is the salt eaten in "vrat". This salt is also used in medicines and it does not negatively effect one's blood pressure.

Sendha salt improves one's health as a whole. So, it's the best option that we all should choose when buying salt.


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