Problems at Childbirth & What They Mean

July 29, 2014

Many times childbirth becomes complicated and the people around the woman sometimes start blaming the woman for the complications in the delivery, which is wrong. The spread of such superstition is a sin and can cause pitra dosh in the people who blame others for no reason. The way a child is born or the amount of complications that occur during childbirth are based on the child's pastlife karma and not due to someone's fault.


If the conception of a child happens when either of the parents is going through a negative planet's time, then either the mother will have to take a lot of medicines during childbirth or the child may get hurt in some way during childbirth. So, it's important to make sure that the conception does not occur during the hora of the negative planets, during the dasha of the negative planets, or during the gochar of the negative planets.

  • If this happens, then the child should always wear a silver chain around their neck whcih is given to them by their mother, grandmother, or guru.
  • They should drink coriander water regulary throughout life - put some coriander seeds in water at night and drink the water in the morning.
  • The parents of such a child need to be watchful about the child's personality. For example, is the child having problems while speaking, is the child able to perceive the thoughts of parents, is the child psychologically fine. If you notice any problems, take medical and astrological advice to overcome the problems.
  • Such children may get some illness in their stomach, so it's important to massage the stomach with white "hing"/asafoetida.
  • They should also eat amla, 5 almonds, and walnuts to improve their brain strength.

Other Indications:

If at birth, the Sun and Moon, or Jupiter, or Shani are disturbed, then the remedies need to be done for these planets throughout life. The remedies for all other planets can be done until a particular problem goes away.

A child is usually born with the bile level slightly elevated, which usually comes under control within a few days. If this does not correct itself even after a week or 10 days and the doctors also see some problem, then it's important to be careful. This shows that the child or mother's Jupiter and Mars may be disturbed. If jaundice is declared in the child, it will naturally cause a problem with the stomach, but also shows that the child's education may have obstacles (not due to weak brain) and the child may not get support from teachers. As a remedy, have the child feed some lentils and natural jaggery to cows every Thursday. When the child is able to speak, then teach the child the gayatri mantra and the following mantra: Om Narayan Namo Namah. These can initially be recited 5 times, then 11, and so on..the number of chants can be gradually increased as the child becomes older.

Sometimes a death in the family occurs slightly before or just a little after a child is born. In this case, the child should always wear a black thread around the wrist throughout life. This thread should have 5 knots, but make sure you chant the following mantra before tying each knot: Om Raa(n) Rahve Namah. Also, the child should chant this Rahu mantra throughout life to avoid obstacles in life. Here's the mantra for Rahu:

It's important to note, that anything bad happening at the time or after the time of a child's birth, then the child is not responsible for those incidents. However, in such cases, one should always get rudra-abhishek done anytime after 45 days after the birth of the child for the child's protection.


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