Predictions for August 2013

July 29, 2013

There are many problems in life that are overcome just by being alert. If we are aware of a possible problem, we can be make better decisions to overcome those problems. This is where predictions come in.

First, some important notes & dates for August:

Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Saggitarius, and Pisces need to be more alert during this month.

2nd August - Kamika ekadashi; important for people who pray to Vishnu; don't eat rice, donate it instead

5th August - Shivratri; good for people who pray to Shivji

6th August - Bhomvati amavasya - good for people who are doing remedies for Mars, pray to Hanuman, throw surma in dirty water

9th August - Hariyali teej and Id

11th & 12th August - Naagpanchmi

14th August - durga ashtmi; pray to maa chintapurani

17th August - pavitra ekadashi - important for people who pray to Vishnu; donate sesame seeds, food made of sesame seeds or sesame seed oil

18th August - Mars moving to Cancer

20th August - Raksh-bandhan from 20:49 - 7:15 am on the 21st.

24th August - Ganesh chaturthi; good for people praying to Ganesha

28th August - Shri Krishna janm-ashtmi; pray to Krishna; good for peple whose children are sick or people who'd like to get children.

Astrological sign predictions (based on Moon signs):

Aries: there may be stomach, intestines, or urine related problems. Be also careful about phlegm and coughing. Your family can be the cause of your success. People who are related to you may help you; people who're supported by their family can expect from support from them. Friends will also be supportive. This will be a good month for peple in their own business. Businessmen be alert. Don't make enemies and get into unnecessary quarrels with anyone. Don't loan any money to anyone.

Taurus: People who already suffer from phlegm, blood pressure, fever, and hormonal problems should be careful. Respiratory and heart issues should improve. You will have more mental peace. Anger can cause harm to your health. People who suffer from uric acid or kidney related diseases need to maintain their diets. There will be an increase in love in your extended family. You may get good new from your in-laws. There are signs of the family size increasing. People who have jobs or own business can expect success, just be careful about your decisions. People dealing in foreign work may benefit. You may make more friends, but be careful as the relations with older friends may weaken.

Gemini: Be alert about your stomach, laziness and fat in the body as these may effect your fortunes. In terms of family, there may be more love from family members. People who're in love need to be careful about squabbles. There may be problems due to partner. You may need to do some special efforts to ensure peace in the family. People who are promising you some job/work may not come through. Don't increase enmity with anyone. Any pending litigations should finally come to conclusion. Your debts will decrease. Be patient. Someone special may decide to never speak with you, be careful and also take care of your stomach.

Cancer: be careful of your health; try not to drive at night; there may be stress at home due to an outsider; your child may suffer from some small problem; people dealing with foreign work may benefit; opportunities to increase money will increase; your decisions will prove to be correct; travels will be beneficial; be alert in regards to enemies as they may try to harm you in some form; pray to Hanuman

Leo: be careful about your health as your throat, stomach, legs, arms, hormones and neck may have some problems. There are signs of progress and increase in family members, but you may have to go somewhere away from home for a short period of time. Someone special may not maintain cordial relations with you and may even bad-mouth about you. Be careful in the second week. Education and philosophy related people will benefit, but they may not get these benfits if they don't pay attention to their health especially in the second week. Anger will not be beneficial to you. People dealing in finance and IT will reap benefits. Stalled projects of businessmen may restart. There's a lot of hardwork for you in this month, so brace yourself. Also be careful about your speech otherwise it may cause obstacles in your work.

Virgo: People suffering from throat and back problems will see improvements in their health. It's also a good time for people who were not able to understand the cause of their illness. People who felt their confidence or mind being weak, will also see improvements. Generally, this is a good sign for health, but it may cause weakness to stomach and throat. Be careful about elders in the family. This is a beneficial time for your children, who may give you more happiness. If your work wasn't going well, then they will start improving now. People dealing with heavy industry, chemicals, stock market and media will greatly benefit. This is a time of struggle for people dealing with social work, but things will generally improve for the better. Maintain peacefulness/calm demeanor.

Libra: This month will not help you get over your illnesses so you yourself need to make sure you are fit and healthy. There may be problems related to blood, head, eyes, stomach, and throat. There may be problems from friends and in your family life. There are signs of sudden monetary gains. You may have to work hard, but you will see good results. Be careful when working in partnership with anyone. In general it's a good month.

Scorpio: Problems related to kidney, lungs, and heart will improve. Careful about your stomach. Family relations will remain the same, things will depend on position of Mars in your horoscope. After 15th August, you'll have to strive hard to maintain peace due to Mars' changing position otherwise you may have problems with your health and family. Good time for people who are in jobs. You may get promoted/changes in work. Don't be overconfident as it may prove harmful. It's a good time for businessmen dealing with gold, silver, wheat, property. It's also a good time for people related to teaching, media, or religious people. Things will change favorably for you.

Saggitarius: Be careful about your eyes, head, and stomach. You need to make efforts to maintain peace in the family - be careful. Don't do anything without good advice. It's a good time work-wise, but try to save money or it may go away. A short term partnership may prove beneficial. Your health will be good and you will win when it comes to enemies.

Capricorn: Health will improve. Your fate looks good. It's a good time for people in their own business or who're at jobs. People who're looking to start some new work/job, may also see new venues open. There are signs of increase in repute and of a child. There are signs of success.

Aquarius: Your mind and confidence will improve. Bone related diseases will improve, but problems related to stomach may increase. It's possible that you may have issues regarding body organs below the belly button (specially for women). Don't eat any food that will cause excess gas in the mind, or you may have pains. People who are looking to get married to the person of their choice will see benefits. There will be peacefulness in house due to someone elder in the family. Businessmen will get new projects, people doing work related to share market will see benefits. It's not an extraordinary time for people who have jobs. It's a favorable time for you - better than July and you will see results of your hardwork in the long term - not in the short term. So continue with your hard work.

Pisces: You will feel weakness in your health. Your mind will feel weak. You will have better control of your speech. Your fear of issues related to your face and stomach will decrease. There are signs of the family increasing. Your partnership with your family will improve. There may be stress in family due to an outsider. Your fate will increase slowly so you may see success in your work. People related to the education field, machinery, and people in jobs will get success. Be careful while driving. People who have blood related problems will need to maintain their diets and be alert. Students and people in jobs need to work hard to get good results; there will be no benefits if the efforts aren't enough.

Some remedies that can be done by all:

- offer raw milk (about a drop) and white sandalwood to Shivji.

- put some milk in bushes in an earthen pot on each Saturday.

- you should plant at least one plant this month

- on Durga ashtmi, feed 8 girls who are less than 8 years of age (especially for people who have some disease, household problems, or problems from women)


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