Predictions Based on Jupiter Rising

August 05, 2014

Jupiter is rising. Although it's a small change, it's important to know that even if an astrological change is small, it can have great impact on the future. So as Jupiter rises, it will bring about a lot of changes - many uncompleted things will completed and will also bring rise to many aspirations. For example, many people who wanted to get married or wanted to improve their marital life, will finally do so; debts will decrease; anything related to real estate and vehicle will see progress; diseases will get cured - overall it will be a good change. In India, the situation will improve; there will be relief to people who live in areas with a lot of rain or extreme dryness.

General Effects of Jupiter: 

If your mount of Jupiter has 2 small lines, then it shows success in the next 13 months.

If your fate line has lines going upwards from it, then it shows good effects from Jupiter in the next 13 months. However, if the lines are going downwards, then it shows that the effects of Jupiter will be negative and you will need to do some remedies.

In general, it's important to know that Jupiter takes it time in giving its good results, but the positive effects surely do come and stay for long. 

Effects of Jupiter's Rise on Each Moon Sign:

Aries: It will be a better time for you. Your luck will improve. People who were under the influence of a negative Rahu will see the negative influence lessen and will see positive effects instead. Any incomplete work will get completed. You will make new friends and improve the relationships with older friends. You will get happiness from children. Family members who had been cut off from the family will listen to you. There will be improvements in your marriage/married life. Be careful for the next 13 months about your liver and breathing related problems if you have any such problems. You may undertake small journeys which will improve your fate and also cause you happiness. You may see completion of or increase in activity of any foreign related work after May 2015. Remedies: feed flour dough to ants regularly for 40 days; care for cows; before taking any big decision, offer yellow flowers to your isht for 40 days.

Taurus: Your status will improve at your workplace. Wealth will increase. You will be able to complete your work with wholeheartedness. Your colleagues/co-workers will support and show increased trust in you; especially if there had been some problem for the past 6 months. Try not to be egoistic in your way of talking as there can be vani-dosh in your speech. To avoid any negative effects on your fate, be careful about your guru and teachers so there's no tension/misunderstanding between you and them. If you suffer from constipation or headaches, then take precautions. It's a good time for your family. Do care for you father and father's elder and younger brothers. Remedies: meditate in front of your isht; apply some sesame seed oil on your lower back; do not drink nor take shower in cold water; don't remain hungry for too long.

Gemini: This will be good change for you. Any work that had been left uncompleted will get restarted. Any obstacles in your path will get eliminated. Your self-confidence will improve. There may be increase in problems related to the legs and stomach, so be careful. Remedies: offer food to dogs for 40 days regularly; donate milk for 5 Mondays; make use of ajwain in your food.

Cancer: Do a lot of hard work in August and September to get success in many kinds of things. There may be an increase in stomach related problems. You may also have some kapha related issue along with pain in hands and feet. Your romantic relationship may weaken, so be extra careful about your life partner. Make sure you do not get into any quarrels with your younger siblings. Be cautious while driving. Any work/investments related to real estate, governance, or stock market will be beneficial for you. Remedies: consume more of arhad and water; chew neem; take shower in "neem" water; donate raw vegetables for 40 days.

Leo: There may be ups and down in married life, romantic relationsip, or marriage. Your wealth, status, and job or business will see positive improvements. Your mind will be stronger. You will also be able to take correct decisions with the help of someone's advice. You will or may have already started making plans for travelling. Be very careful about your stomach and head, especially until May 2015, otherwise it will negatively influence your fate. Any future investments will bring you positive results. This does not affect any past investments. Remedies: give sweets to blue collar workers on Tuesdays; control your speech.

Virgo: There may be new opportunities for people who are in jobs. Your hopes and status will increase. However, there will also be an increase in confusions until March 2015. Your mind wll be calmer after April 2015 and hence bring about positive change to your luck. You will be satisfied in regards to your children. If there have been problems with the stomach/liver since November 2013, then there will be improvements. There may be some obstacles in marriage related work. There are positive signs in any work related to abroad. Be cautious if you're in a romantic relationship with someone, do not cross your limits to avoid any problems. Remedies: go to your in-laws and feed dogs; donate food to the poor for 6 days at the temple.

Libra: If you work very hard until May 2015, then it will make your future life very smooth. You will experience happiness in regards to education, vehicles, writing, investments, and real-estate. You will see increase in wealth. Be careful about any breathing, joint pain, or stomach related issues. Eyes also need special care. Your status will improve. Being too fast or too excited will prove to be disadvantageous to you, be it in driving, business, job, romantic relationsihp, or household. Remedies: start to study something; drink fennel (saunf) tea; donate copper and fruits.

Scorpio: You will get happiness and success in regards to vehicles, friends, new work, real estate, and status. You may have to bear some losses due to your speech so be careful about vani-dosh. Take care of your throat and teeth. Your struggles will increase, so keep doing hard work and you will surely see very good results after June 2015. It will bring about improvements in relationships, peace in the home, and victory over enemies. Remedies: gargle with "fitkari"/alum rock or apply it on your teeth sometimes; donate 3 fruits everyday.

Sagittarius: Your luck will favor you. There will be increased enthusiasm towards any new work you will want to start, as there will be increased opportunities in regards to your work or new job offers. Your status will imrpove. You may come in contact with an older scholar or guru-like individual, who will support you and help you progress. However, you have to be very careful in regards to your stomach. There may be problems from or problems at your in-laws. There will be increased peace and happiness in the family. Marital relationship or romantic relationship will provide you happiness. People who haven't married yet, may get opportunities to marry. Remedies: apply a sandalwood tilak everyday; do prayer and meditation every day; make it a rule to offer water to the Sun - there should be a red flower in the water when you do this.

Capricorn: A new job or investment will bring you benefits. There will be new opportunities in your business. Your efforts will see positive results, but not without small hurdles. Your life will see small improvements followed by small failures or in other words, you will experience ups and downs, but it will be a good life. People looking to get government jobs can see positive results. It will also be a good period for people who are already working in government services. Your status will improve. You may even get compliments or an award. Be careful about your neck and any breathing problems. If you have any "Pitta"/acidity issues, then too you need to be careful, even though Jupiter will help you overcome your illnesses and bring peace in the home. Remedies: if you have a lot of debt, then do "gajendra moksha" paath; for peace in the home, do "argala stotra" paath for 9 days.

Aquarius: It will be a good period for you. Keep working hard until May 2015 as your efforts will bring success to you. So think big as the time is favorable for you. Someone may be a source of inspiration and may help you increase your will power. Your self-confidence will also improve and you will win over your enemies. Government related problems will end. There will be peace in the home. Your marriage or married life will be successful. Do things to improve your health. Remedies: donate oil and coconut for 5 Saturdays; feed red lentils, jaggery, and flour dough to cows for 11 days. 

Pisces: You will see success in work related to abroad. Anyone doing work related to iron or machinery or hoping to invest in such industries, needs to be very careful before going ahead with any investments. Investments into gold also require very careful deliberations. There will be lessening of problems from your enemies. New areas of income will open up for you, but your hard work will still be needed. Be careful about your stomach and eyes. People who have problem with blood sugar/diabetes need to take precautions and medical advice as needed. People who have problems related to breathing or cold, need to be very careful too. Remedies: apply a "kesar"/ saffron tilak and also keep a bit of saffron on your belly button; plant 5 banana trees (not in your home) in a place where they will be cared for. 


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