Planets' Effects on Communication

July 01, 2014

Learn below about the unique positive and negative attributes of each planet on our expression.

The Effects of Each Planet on Our Way of Talking:

Sun - The Sun makes one want to dominate others. It makes the person very organized, which perhaps gives them the confidence to overpower others. Such people will speak by looking into the eyes of the other person and talk to them without any hesitation. Even children who have a strong Sun, will be very straightforward and give good reasoning. The Sun also make the side of the cheeks a little fluffy.

Moon - People with a strong Moon will say what they have to say in a very relaxed and sweet manner. If the other person is angry, then they will generall postpone their talk for later. If they speak with someone with a strong Sun, then they may not be able to say everything fully. A person with a positive Moon even when in a bad mood, will say things with love as their speech never loses love. They will not be able to argue much as the Moon makes them somewhat submissive.

Mars - Such people have a very powerful voice. They will speak very forcefully even to the point of not having any breath left - in this case, this bad habit needs to be kept in check as it can cause health problems after the age of 50. They usually speak very short sentences, sharply, and very forcefully. Their speech/eyes will never have love in it even when they are talking about love. Their manner of talking will be like how a lawyer talks in court. 

Mercury - a positive Mercury will make one's speech very sweet. They will be able to explain things properly and in an entertaining manner. If Mercury is in the 2nd, 4th, or 5th house in one's birth chart and is positive then such people give very sharp arguments. When the Mercury is negative, then one's speech turns angry before one even finishes the sentence.They will also have a tendency to dominate the other person for no reason. When Mercury is affected by Rahu or Saturn, then they are able to tell very clever lies. 

Additionally, when someone's Mercury is weak, then their tongue is usually fat, which makes them unable to say tongue twisters. If the Mercury finger (smallest finger) is conical and reaches the top most phalange of the Sun finger, then they are able to twist their tongue and are able to say things in a very nice manner. If the finger is small and does not reach the top most phalange of the Sun (ring) finger or starts lower on the palm, then such people can only say what they have memorized, as they're unable to think quick. So, the better one's Mercury, the better or sharper is one's tongue.

Jupiter - a strong Jupiter makes one a very calm and influential talker. However, if it's negative, then the person will start giving unnecessary arguments along with irrelevant history and keep talking about whatever they want to say - not what the other person may be interested in.

Venus - This planet gives one the ability to talk very knowledgably. A positive Venus will make the person innocent looking and have very good gestures and facial expressions while talking. However, if Venus is negative, then the person will not be able to express himself at all. If Venus and Moon both are negative, then the person has a lot of emotions, but is not able to say anything.

Saturn - This planet, if positive, will make the person seem very serious to others. They are able to get others to tell them their secrets as they speak calmly, but with a serious stance. If Saturn is negative, then such people only talk when they want to criticize others or want to come up with some negative plan. They will speak in a very secretive manner - making it seem like  some big controversy even when there's nothing controversial in the subject matter. 

The winning combination:  Moon + Saturn + Venus with even a little support from Jupiter can make the individual a very intelligent and influential talker.


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