Pitra paksh coming to an end - what should you do

October 03, 2013

Tomorrow is the last day of the pitra-paksh period - called pitra-paksh amavasya. There are a few things you can do to benefit from this day.

Tomorrow will be very useful to people who may have the 'pitra-dosh' in their birthcharts/kundali. The special prayers and donations done on this day, will help you free yourself from some of the debts/'rin' as you can pray to all your ancestors on this day, whereas, the previous 14 days were meant for specific ancestors.

Why should one do rememberance?

It is important to remember our ancestors during this period as we are indebted to our ancestors because of whom we came into this earth.

We are genetically and spiritually connected to our ancestors. So, we should remember them and also do some donations on their behalf to reduce some of their debt on us, as it is their sacrifices and their actions which have resulted in us being born on this earth and living the life we are living.

By doing "shraadh"/ rememberance of our ancestors, we also improve our Mercury, Ketu, Jupiter, and Rahu, which, if afflicted, can cause immense problems to us. So it is also to improve the effects of these planets that one should remember his/her ancestors during this special period.

If we do not do this rememberance, then:

- cause one to never succeed in life.

- the family name does not continue

- there may be quarrels in the family

- the elders of the family leave this earth only after a long illness

- the members of such family may have a lot of love between them, but as soon as they sit together - they start getting into squabbles.

What to do:

1. Offer water to the Sun - libation.

2. Offer water to your pitra/ancestors by facing the South direction; as you prepare the water in a copper vessel in which you will put black sesame seeds, do this prayer: dear ancestors, forgive me for any mistakes I may have done or if I may have caused any harm to your name in any way; may God bless your soul and may your blessings be always with me. Then offer the water in a way that the drops don't touch your feet.

Take out some vegetarian food for the pitra/ancestor that you're remembering and offer it to a cow, dog, crow, or to a temple - whichever you think the ancestors may have preferred. 

To make sure that you do not face any problems, do something for or offer some donation to leprosy patients on this day - whatever and however much you can.

Here's the mantra to do when offering the water to your pitra:


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