Overcome Problems With The Help of Yantras

October 06, 2014

Sarvatrajayapardam Yantra


If you are having problems:

  • with enemies at your workplace
  • problems or hurdles in you getting your property
  • losses in business due to some hurdles
  • if someone threatens you or asks you to loan them money and is therefore causing you anxiety
  • to get raaj-yoga or get some higher status
  • if someone is causing you problems in any way

How To:

- Draw this on bhojpatra or on plain white paper; you can even get this embeded in silver, copper, or gold
- Activiate by 125,000 mantra of - "Om Hring Hang Sah"  or Trilokyamohan Gauri mantra
- The activation should be done by the one who has the problem - just like medicine is taken by the one who is sick.


- 125,000 mantra chanting should be done regularly with discipline - same time each day.
- Do not sit or go near meat and alcohol while you're working on activating this yantra
- Do not use this yantra unnecessarily
- Pregnant ladies should not do the activation of this yantra

Vyaapaar-siddhi Yantra


  • Gets rid of evil eye causing bad effects on one's business.
  • Gets rid of any totkas done on the business.
  • Removes the bad effects of saade-saati, which can cause hurdles in business.
  • Ketu's dasha can cause the business to stop.
  • Business suffering due to wrong decision-making.
  • Gets rid of the sudden dip in business.
  • Problems in business due to one's partner(s) and colleagues.
  • Sales people can also greatly benefit from this yantra.

How to Activate:

Make this yantra on Diwali with the help of red sandalwood powder on bhojapatra. It can also be done on Holi.You can also write on the bhojpatra
You can also make this during the Sarvaarth-siddh yog with turmeric or ashwagandh, if you're unable to do on Holi or Diwali.
It can be embedded in silver too.
This needs to be written with the pomegranate wood.
This needs to be activated with the chanting of "om Shrim" mantra for 125,000 times.


During the mantra chanting, stay away from meat and alchol and do the chanting regularly.
Again, don't use this unnecessarily.
Keep it in your prayer room, do tilak, and pray to it everyday.
Keep it lovingly.
If it goes bad, let it flow in water and make another one.
The prayer to this yantra should be done on Diwali too.

Problems in Marriage:


  • The yantra increases love between the husband and wife.
  • It gets rid of the fights between the spouses.
  • For vashikaran.

How to:

This yantra needs to written with the help of the pomegranate wood.
The ink should be made with turmeric, saffron, and "kapur".
Write your spouse's name on a piece of paper, cover it with cotton and burn it.
Make this yantra on your spouse's clothing with roli, then write their name on it, fold it nicely and give to each other.
If you're no longer in the position where you can give the yantra to each other, then after making it on your spouse's clothing with roli, burn it and repeat this for 45 days.

For vashikaran:

This should only be used by the husband and wife. Do not use it on any other relationship otherwise it can bring about many negative results to you

Write your spouse's name on this yantra with the turmeric, saffron, and kapur ink; fold it and wear it like a pendant around your neck.


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