Overcome Problems Related to Your Job With Some Astrological Help

February 18, 2015

There are many people who study well, but have a hard time getting a job. Let's start with the basics - there are 3 planets that need to be positive in order to get a good job. These are: Sun, Moon, and Mars. To make these positive, do the following 3 remedies mentioned below.

Remedies to get a job: 

1. Start worshipping the Sun everyday by first standing in front of a rising Sun in the morning and then doing "traatak" or in other words looking at the Sun in admiration and giving your respects mentally. After that you should do the mantra  "Om khakolkaaya namah svaha" while holding a spoonful of mustard oil (in a spoon). Do this for 108x while continuously looking at the Sun. Again, make sure the Sun hasn't completely risen to avoid damaging your eyes while you look at the Sun.

2. Keep something made of silver with you at all times. 

3. Do the mantra "om kraam kreem krom sah bhomaaya namah" or wear the "anantmool" root in a red thread around your neck.

Requisites for a Government Job:

- Astrologically, anything related to liaison/contractual work related to the government or being directly employed by the government falls under this categorization. 

For a government job, one needs the support of the following four planets the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars and their positive influence on the 10th house in the birth-chart. 

To get promotion at a government job, you need to regularly do remedies to make the Sun positive. This will ensure that your promotion is not hindered due to some obstacles, which normally delay or prevent promotion in a government job.

Remedies to get a government job: 

  1. Donate almonds every now and then on Sundays
  2. Let a small amount of sweets made of jaggery and some jaggery into some flowing body of water.
  3. Do the mantra "om ghrini suryaaye namaha"

People who are already in a government job, but are undergoing some difficulties should get a water fountain or hand-pump installed at a place that would benefit others.

People who face problems in getting promotions/ in getting a contract/ problems in an election should make some wooden coal from some dried wood and let it flow in some dirty body of water for 43 days. This will give one an opportunity get into the government or for people who are already in the government, it will allow them to stay there. 

Another good remedy for people who're facing obstacles in getting a government job, is to start offering sugarcane juice on a Shivling until one gets a job.

Once one gets a job, many times it becomes hard to hold on to that job due to the creation of conspiracies by others. If you are a victim of this, wear a 7-8 ratti Firoza in a silver ring in your right hand's ring finger on a Friday morning. If this doesn't help, then start fasting on Fridays and read the argala stotra paath 3 times a day. Alternatively, you can start meditating on the Devdutt chakra or start the worship of Shri yantra.  This wil ensure that any conspiracy against you will not transpire, provided that you are not doing anything wrong to anyone.

To get promoted at work and to avoid difficulties at the workplace, start worshipping Shani and Sun. You can do this with the mantra "om ghrini suryaaye namaha" or read the Aditya-hridya stotra, and if all else fails, then doing the Gayatri yag (homam) on Sundays will definitely improve your Sun. Additionally, place some jaggery, black lentils, and blue flowers next to the Peepal tree on Saturdays. These should ensure that anyone harboring negativity towards you will calm down and there will be no one to cause impediments in your promotion.

Issues Faced by People of Each Astrological Sign in Their Jobs & Their Remedies:

Aries: If you face problems at your workplace, then donate some turmeric and rice especially on a Thursday. Your main problem at the workplace is due to your boss, so try to change your attitude towards your boss and find ways to maintain a good standing with your boss.

Taurus: Problems for you can occur due to your ego or stubbornness. When you face any problems, donate some black clothing or a black blanket to someone poor or to leprosy patients.

Gemini: Generally, these people don't have many problems at the workplace. The only time they do experience problems it's due to Shani or Rahu. As a remedy, let some wooden coal flow into dirty water body for 41 days.

Cancer: The most problems experienced by people of this sign are due to their friends who deceive them or due to their subordinates not cooperating with them. Initially, their seniors may like them a lot, but due to the intervention of Shani and Rahu, situations arise which make makes them not liked by the seniors anymore and sometimes the problems even cause them to change their job. 

Leo: Leos are very ambitious to reach to the top which causes them to change their attitude that in turn makes them stuck in office politics. As you are very energetic, talented, and skillful, you have the ability to reach great heights, but you also need to remember to be patient in your behavior to avoid problems.

Virgo: These people don't usually want to work for others for long. Their inclination is to start their own business at some point. Virgos should try to put in more efforts at work and not be in a hurry to get home. Whenever there's any problem, wear a triangular piece of copper around your neck. 

Libra: Generally, Librans don't face many problems at work. However, if their Sun is weak, then it causes them to switch jobs frequently. Hence, it's important for them to continue worship the Sun for stability regarding their work.

Scorpio: These people normally progress well and complete their work properly. They are loyal workers. The problem arises when they're not given a lot of praise for their work. For example, a boss who does not have leadership qualities will not praise them due to their ego. Hence, the Scorpion will find it hard to handle the ego of such a person and will not be able to work properly for the boss.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians usually carry out their work at their jobs well and don't get into many fights/quarrels with others. However, they have to struggle quite a bit. If their Jupiter is in a good state, then they will surely see success after the hard work. So, it's important for them to make their Jupiter strong. For this, chant the mantra "om brim brahspataaye namaha" as much as you can.

Capricorn: Such people are usually good at their workplace as they are very committed to their work and hence, they also get many promotions at their workplace. However, if their Shani turns negative, then it causes problems at their workplace and they even start talking about leaving their work when Shani-Rahu join together and create certain situations. As a remedy, do some donations for Shani when you face some problems. 

Aquarius: Although Aquarians get good success at their workplace due to their sincerity, they are not happy staying at a job. Since these people have their own unique way of working, they are not used to working in teams which causes problems. To overcome any hurdles, work on improving your Moon.

Pisces: You give your work 100% in the initial stage of your job, but as you crave a lot of changes, you easily get bored of what you do. As a remedy, try to incorporate something new in your work regularly to make sure your interest in your work is maintained. 


durga - 5 years ago 
Awesome information. worth of reading again. Thank you!
NANDINI - 5 years ago 
Guruji I am working in govt office, I completed 23 years of service, not even a single promotion, and there is problems One lady in admin she creating a lot of problems against me and she is applying evils on me. Kindly guide me
sahana - 5 years ago 
Nice to read........Thanks for sharing.
Ruby - 5 years ago 
Guruji my husband finding problem in getting job,pls advice.My name is Ruby and husband's Sandeep Gupta
Hemasree - 4 years ago 
Guruji what is the remedy for cancer?
Parmjit - 4 years ago 
I am working in an government agency but my job is not stable, I have applied so many jobs in different hospitals but didn'tget any success, what should I do to get a government job. Thank you
harshita - 4 years ago 
I am currently looking for a permanent job in IT and what is remedy for Cancerians?
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Hello guru ji my name is Daljit Singh Date of Birth 17061974 time 20:25 pm in tambaram tamilnadu please let me know when will i get a good job
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
please send the reply on my email
santosh - 3 years ago 
Hi guruji my name is santosh kamble birthdate-29-10-1989 time-7:00AM As per Libra sign changed job frequently please let me know when will be i got stable job.

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