Omens - lucky or unlucky?

July 30, 2013

Sometimes, things happen and we wonder if they were some kind of sign of things to come.

Good omens are nature's way of telling us to get mentally ready for good work - to start doing more hard work so we can amplify the goodness coming to us.

Bad omens are a way of telling us that something bad may occur and that we should become alerted to the bad times. If we do the remedies or become aware, then either bad time doesn't come or the bad time isn't as bad as it was supposed to be. Get rid of fear, be truly honest, and become more spiritual - you will definitely benefit.

These omens should happen naturally and not be made to happen, only then the signs can be interpreted as true.

Here we list a few along with the remedies. We apologize for the usage of several Hindi words as it's not always easy to find the English equivalent. Please let us know if you're able to provide us with the English equivalents.

If you just woke up in the morning and someone just comes to ask you for something (example: someone begging at your door), then this is sign of the money you may have lent out coming back to you.

If a sparrow excretes on you, then this means your impoverishment will end soon. The more sparrows excrete on your, the better. This can also show new work being done in the house or new clothes being made for you.

If the pictures of gods/goddesses start getting destroyed, then this is not a good sign. Make sure you bring in replacements as soon as possible to avoid any problems. Everyone in the house should also do mahamrityunjaya mantra jap - 108 times.

If you're going somewhere, and you suddenly see milk - someone's taking it or you see some spillt milk is auspicious. However, the milk should not be dropped by you or in your house. Make sure you clean the milk before leaving.

If you keep losing your keys, then this is not a good sign. Do Argala Stotra paath on Ashtmi. Additionally, if you feel breathless and a sense of blockage in your breathing, then for 11 days, do your isht's anushthan (mantra of your lucky planet/God) and also meet a doctor for your breath problem. Anushthan can be done in the evening, morning, or night - just be careful to eat saatvik food and practice brahmacharya.

If your clothing gets caught in something as you're getting out to go somewhere or your foot hits some object, then pause for about 5-10 seconds, talk to someone, drink some water and then go.

If there are too many spiders in the house, it's not a good sign. Clean your house and get those spiders out. Burn "googal" morning and evening. Don't fight/quarrel in the house or give loans to anyone. If you want to invest your money somewhere, first take care of fish and then invest otherwise, the investment won't be successful.

Sometimes, we lose a ring that we had specially made for a particular planet. First, try to find that ring.  If you don't find it, get another one made as soon as possible. do mantra of that planet for 11 days - everyday do 5 x 108. Be careful about the work for which you wore that ring as there might some problem there. If the ring gets broken, it's even worse than losing it. In this case, either do mahmrityunjaya jap with rudraaksh beads for 11 days or do rudra-abhishek 11 times or sundarkaand-paath for 11 times to stop any losses.

If you lose your jewelery, it's not a good sign. Specially a piece of jewellery, which was bought with hard-earned cash. This means there might be some serious problems in the house related to money, health, or social standing (reputation). This is more amplified if the jewelery was lost by a woman, it's not so bad if a man loses it. This also causes problems to the man of the house and elders. To overcome this (both man and woman), plant a banana tree. On Thursdays, give rice and turmeric to poor old people. Take 2kilo potatoes, make them yellow with turmeric and feed them to a cow on a Thursday. Donate 200gm cow's yellow ghee in the temple. This is regardless of the size of the jewelery.

When plants start drying in the house. This shows quarrels, change in place, or some loss. When this happens during a time you're planning for some auspicious work, then you need to do more remedies. For remedies: sow a peepal tree and a bargad tree on a Saturday. Throw a coconut in flowing water on a Saturday, let it just touch the water - go for a few feet and then you can leave it at the bank of the river. Plant as many Tulsi and Aak plants as you can in your house until they don't stop drying. Start Argala Stotra paath or do "aing hring kling chaamundaaye vicchhe" mantra jap/or yag (for 21 days). Accept a big change that may be coming in your life otherwise you may have to go through struggles.

If you suddenly don't feel as hungry as you used to or you have too much acidity in the stomach that causes you to not eat or you're so busy that you can't eat, then this is a bad sign. It may show quarrels in the family, slowness in busines, change that will be full of stress, or illness. Remedies: take care of your place of worship in your home, your guru, and a cow. Don't be egoistic. Eat light food. Be attentive to the health of your elders and careful of  your expensive items. Use less turmeric in your food. Start giving water to Sun regulary. Be careful about your health. Wear a pomegranate root in orange colored thread on Thursday around your neck. Don't eat bananas, but donate them on Thursdays.

Sometimes, our cheeks start getting cut by our teeth. Whenever this happens a lot (every 10 days or so), do meditation for 3 days whenever you can and also donate food to the poor. If this happens due to swelling in your mouth or the structure of your teeth, then that's not an omen.

If guests leave your house in an angry mood, this is a bad sign. You should not start cleaning immediately after the guests have left if you'd like them to come again. Don't talk about the shortcomings of your guests or wash their dishes immediately after leaving either - wait at least 11 minutes and then you can do the dishes.

If all the work started by you keeps failing one after the other, start anyting new on Thursday after taking advice from a guru/expert the same day. Your whole life, on amavasya, make pitra from flour and have them flow in water the same day. Don't eat non-vegetarian food. Don't talk ill of others or talk big. If the problem's big, let 5 fish free in water. And once on a Saturday, let 5 fish free in water.

If you suffer property loss/property related problem, take a square piece of silver (any size) and keep it in your pocket on a Monday. It's best to take it from your mother or motherly figure. You will have to make some efforts, but slowly your problems should go away.

If you keep getting all sorts of illnesses one after the other, throw away one day's medicine in dirty water and then buy the medicine again and start retaking it. If the restart date happens to be purnamaasi, shuklapaksh - panchmi, shashti, saptami, ashtmi, or triyodashi, then the medicine will show results even faster. Such people should also spend a day cleaning their home. Change your torn clothes, bedsheets, shoes, etc... Get rudra-abhishek done after this for sure or by yourself.

Nails: if you they're getting yellow. It's a bad sign. It shows that your partner, friends, and family are going away from you. It also may show loss to your repute or weakness of the brain (focus, memory, fear, worrisome behavior). You need to stop yourself from getting too stressed by doing meditation and keeping away from any kind of controversy. Also, woship the Sun by reading "Aditya Hridya Strotra Paath". Take care of your father, don't aruge with him, take blessings from him regularly. If your nails are yellow from childhood, then start taking almond oil (maybe with milk, put on hair, put on nails) and worship Sun throughout life.

If your nails start getting white, this shows lack of energy force in the body. It also shows that work you were expecting to be completed may not complete. You wil have to be careful about weakness of the bones and blood. On the time of "shukla paksh" abstain from eating salt on a given Saturday and donate salty items/food to poor girls (female children) on the same day. Do establish a coconut kalash/urn in the home.

People whose nails of the feet start getting crooked or lose their beauty, then get fortunate only after a lot of hard work. Their relations may also turn sour and they will suffer some loss to their repute. Such people can completely finish all their wealth. They can also get into a lot of trouble after taking wrong decisions. Do remedies for "pitra dosh". Worship your isht. Let go of ego and take care of cows.

Sometimes, the "Moons" in the nails start disappearing. For this, worship your "isht" and eat almonds, amla, and other items to increase brain power. Such people need to breathe deeply to take more oxygen into their bodies. Do anulom vilom and keep calm by staying in the company of calm people.

If the rosiness of your nails is going away and instead your nails are turning purplish (like eggplants), it shows blood and skin related problems and obstacles to your Raj-yog. It also shows breaking off of relationships and disrepute due to that. For remedy, offer sweet milk (about a spoon) in the root of the "bargad tree" for 11 Tuesdays. Keep your mind calm and drink water in short intervals.

When your nails start getting crooked, then pray to your isht and keep your wealth well protected.

Some people's nails start bending after they're slightly long, this shows problems in marital life.

If your nails are becoming weak and brittle, then take care of your mental health. This shows coming bad fate and bad health. Such people should take "Shami" root, tie it in a blue thread, and wear it around their neck on a Saturday. Such people should stop taking very heavy/rich food. Also stop/lower wearing blue and black clothes.

If you're seeing some spots on the nails of your hands, this shows upcoming reduction in marital life's enjoyment and struggles in life. For remedy, tie a pomegranate's root in an orange thred and wear it around your neck on a Thursday for sure. For a woman, you should only get married in a group - "kumb vivaah". For a man, face the North direction, light a candle of ghee, and do Ganesha mantra "om gam ganpataye namaha" for years (or do Ganesha chalis); every Wednesday donate laddoos/sweets to poor children.


Manjula - 5 years ago 
What happens cloth get fired after pooja
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Today worn cloth got burnt by lamp. Is it a good or bad sign?
Reply By: - 2 years ago 
It’s new dress for my wife which caught little fire but she noticed and stopped it… not sure what to make of it… any remedy if needed?
Anu - 5 years ago 
Faced the same. What happens if a cloth dipped in turmeric caught fire by incense stick after pooja. Is that bad?
Swati - 5 years ago 
What if your clothes are getting ripped again again from the same that a bad sign?
Jagannath - 5 years ago 
coconut fallen from tree of my right side arm.what is the effect
Biman - 4 years ago 
If you lose your used shirts, what does it normally mean?
nikki - 4 years ago 
What does loosing old clothes mean. someone has been stealing our clothes from the rack that we put outside our home off lately.
Namratha - 4 years ago 
Losing a wrist watch is good or bad. Can anybody answer ? Today I lost my wrist watch.
Lavanya - 3 years ago 
Today worn cloth got burnt by incense stick while doing pooja (got three holes on my chudidhar) is it good or bad sign?

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