Naughty Children

September 26, 2013

Kids in general should be naughty, this is normal for kids and is important for the motor-system, cognitive developement, and blood-circulation system among other developments. It should be a matter of concern when the child is not naughty - as it may be due to some illness. Kids' energy should not be suppressed, but rather encouraged as it causes their main planet to become stronger and keep them healthier for longer, however, you do have to make sure their energy is positive. This article deals with how to recognize the energy in your child and what to do make sure the energy is or remains positive.

The problem happens when Mercury, Mars, or Sun are too strong, it causes the child to be naughty even in a setting such as the classroom.

If the child is positive and innovative, the child will not sit still in the classroom. If the child sits quiety, this shows that the child's ability to develop or innovate has stopped.

If the mount under the Jupiter finger is raised, the fingers are slightly pointed, the upper and lower phalanges of the thumb are equal in length, the tip of the thumb is not round and the nail of the thumb is big - this shows the child is very positive and innovative. The child may have great observation powers and intuitiveness. Such a child should not be suppressed, but should be encouraged. If you are a parent of such a child, make sure the child wears something made of silver and drinks from a silver glass; also make sure that such a child eats amla and soaked almonds in the morning; also offer some saunf (fennel seeds) and mishri to eat 5-6 times during the day.

Children whose finger tips are broad, squared, and flat and their hands are quite hard. Such kids' hands are usually by their sides and they walk by sticking out their chests.Their thumb nail and their mind line are both usually short. Such kids aren't agile. These are the sort of children who don't succeed themselves and cause obstacles in others' progress too. To deal with such kids, feed them Shankpushpi and Brahmi. Put almond oil on their head and massage cow's ghee on the soles of their feet at night. These children should take part in Satsang. Also, parents of such children should tell them that their naughtiness will not be tolerated.

There are some children who lack interest. For example, they may get to their school, but their mind becomes nervous in a classroom. They're melancholic and won't like being in school at all. They will have a tendency to disturb others who are trying to work/learn. Such kids don't have a spark in their eyes, their eyes will be dull and without focus, they will not generally smile, they will not talk to you by looking into your eyes, their Mars and Saturn plains will be raised on their palms and their Mercury finger will be bent at the top phalange towards the palm or it will be very short. Such kids are not interested in their studies and will disturb the class.

Some children like to shift blame of their naughtiness on to others as they tend to be too clever - for such kids, put some surma/kajal on almonds and tie them in a black cloth and bury that in a flower pot - it can even be buried in flower pot in your home. Do this on at least 2 Saturdays. Another thing that should be done is to have such kids eat some honey while they're standing in the Sun. Lastly, such kids should not wear black, dark blue, or bright green clothes. They should sit in satsang.


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