Nails & Your Health

November 21, 2013

Your nails can tell a lot of about your health. Learn some basic indications of different kinds of nails.

  1. If the nails have white moon like structures on them, it shows a good brain and enough vitamin A in the body. If there are no such moons on the nails and the nails are quite hard, it shows vitamin A deficiency.
  2. Very weak nails show a lack of vitamin A and vitamin D - as a remedy, eat lentils, honey, bananas, and also be in sunlight for some time during the day. Medical advice may also be necessary.
  3. Some people's nails don't grow - it shows major deficiencies in calcium and other vitamins. It can also show a weak physiology and a weakness of the brain. Medical advice may also be necessary.
  4. If the nails start growing upwards in an odd shape, it shows iron and zinc deficiency. Take medical advice to prevent problems to your immune system and brain. 
  5. If the nails are growing downwards, it shows vitamin B12 deficieny. As a remedy, add some turmeric to water and drink that. Medical advice may also be necessary.
  6. Yellow nails are quite bad - this may indicate a vitamin E deficiency, see if this symtom is accompanied by skin itchiness to confirm this. It shows potential problems with Jupiter - problems in studies, relations with teachers, married life and even liver issues. As remedy, start doing the chant of "om brahm brahspataaya namaha; start applying mustard oil to the nails before sleeping, wear something made of gold on a Thursday. If you're unable to wear gold, then start putting some turmeric on your tongue each morning and apply saffron on your belly button. Take medical advice if necessary.


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