Moolank - your personality, future, and tips for parents

November 05, 2013

Just as each planet has an effect on us, each number also effects us in some way. This article will specifically deal with the moolank or your base number.

For example, if the date of birth includes many 1s and if there's also a 0 right after the 1 in the full date of birth (example: 1-10-2010) it shows that the person will have a very bright future, but the person will need to take care about his health. Such a person will have good success after the 25 years of age, even more success after the 28th birthday, and will reach even greater heights after the 39th birthday. In this manner, numerology has a great impact on us. People with such 1s and 0 in their birth date need to be careful so they don't get too egoistic, need to watch their blood pressure, and also take care of their bones.

Moolank = sum of the day of birth, example: person born on the 17th will have moolank 8 or person born on the 6th will have moolank 6.

In general the following numbers do well together:

3, 6, & 9

2, 5, & 8

1, 4, & 7

Moolank 1: stands for progress and arrogance. You will need to decrease your arrogance to get success. If the number is positive, then such a child will be able to be friends with people from any number. If it's negative, then they won't be able to be friends with any one.

Parenting tip: children whose number 1 is positive will like to argue - so talk to such children instead of shouting at them to be quiet or to just listen/obey you. However, if the child also gets angry while being argumentative, then he needs to be disciplined so he doesn't stray in the future.

Moolank 2: stands for emotions, art, introvert nature - such people should keep friends who are slightly emotional and artistic. The negative trait of such people is that they are too emotional, which makes your judgement weak. People with moolank 2 need to have people around them who can help them take decisions. Their strongest point is their speech, they can win over anyone by talking to them.

Parenting tip: Such kids are very emotional and artisitc so you need to pull out their positive traits by talking to them. Such children need a lot of motivation to do things. They stop doing things if they see any obstacles in their path or start taking shortcuts. Such children have a lot of problems finishing any work they start so they need to be coerced into putting more efforts.

Moolank 3: if the person is on the right path, then the person is ambitious, knowledgeable, strong-headed, and of positive thoughts. They will want to do what they think of. If the no. is giving them positive results, then they will surely attain the level of a Guru in their lifetime. This can be at 25 or at 50, but it will happen for sure. However, if the no. 3 is giving negative results, then the person is too ambitious and is egoistic, which causes problems as it is caused by a special dosh called "swaran-dosh" . You will not be able to rest as you will keep thinking of your dreams and ambitions even while sleeping. This is especially true for people who were born on the 12th, 3rd or the 30th. So if the person is not egoistic, they can reach great heights. If the ego develops in number 3, then there comes a day when all the money and respect turns into nothing.

Parenting tip: you should appreciate children who are number 3 as they are very knowledgeable, but don't overdo it so they don't become egoistic. As children, no. 3s like to play the role of the teacher. These children need to be taught to share their belongings and to respect all to avoid ego issues later in life. Take special care of the health of these children. Talk to them about their studies. 

Moolank 4: These people have in-depth knowledge of their subject of interest. They like to be good at their studies and also look for ways to help the society - this is why they can be good researchers, professors, and scientists. If they can have the guidance of a good guru, they can achieve a lot. They are spiritual, but are always stuck in between materialism and spiritualism. Sometimes they talk of buying all kinds of things while at other times, they want to devote their life to God. They are very emotional and positive. 

Parenting tip: Such children are not able to take decisions correctly. They need to be taught how to control their emotions and how to share their things with others. They need to learn in depth knowledge about the religion they belong to. 

Primarily 2, 4, and 8 numbers, the more strong their character, the more close they are to their families, and the more spiritual they are - the more they succeed in life.

Moolank 5: These people have a very sharp-edged way of thinking. They understand the deep meaning of things and that too very quickly. If they are trying to take shortcuts, then it can be understood that the no. 5 is not vibrating well with them. This means they will undergo some major problem in their 5th or 6th year of their life. So, if they are taking short-cuts in doing things, are criticizing others, and don't want to go on the straight path in tlife, then it means that they will be deceived in a major way at least 5 to 6 times in their lifetime. If the number is positive, then the person will have many friends. If the number is negative, then either the person will not have any long term friends - either others will deceive him or he will deceive others resulting in only temporary friendship.

Parenting tip: Don't give them too much love (to avoid spoiling them), don't give them a target to earn a lot of money, such people don't pay attention to their homes/children so they need be told to be careful towards their home life , they shouldn't take very rich food (especially for people born on the 14th). Teach them to share their belongings, to take the right approach in life, to be honest, to drink out of a copper vessel, then they will be positive.

Moolank 6: Such people are very artistic, logical, and emotional. They have a balanced nature which brings them success (especially for people who were born on the 6th or the 15th). Their emotions can sometimes lead them into problems. 

Parenting tip: Such children need to watched so they don't stray, they need to be ethical, they have a lot of attraction so they need to be wary of too much interaction with people so they stay away from negative people who may be attracted to them, they should be inspired to be artists or to try for a government job. They shouldn't have much of cold foods.

Moolank 7: such people are emotional and intelligent. They don't get success on their own. They need a good guru, friends, and good parental guidance to succeed in life. Such people are very creative. If such people get a good Guru, then they can reach great heights with the help of a good guru. This is especially true for people who were born on the 16th, otherwise, their talent is wasted. If the number is not positive, then it causes them to be lazy and afraid of doing things. If they are not lazy, they can become very intelligent and do anything with a bit of effort. Start wearing 4 faced rudraaksh, drink more water, make your willpower strong and do things to build your enthusiasm. This number lacks the enthusiasm that is necessary to succeed so they need to work on increasing it.

Moolank 8: such people are very practial and hard-working. If the number is positive, then they do their work with a lot of honesty and get great success. However, if the numer is negative, then they will look for shortcuts and will want to succeed in a short span of time, the success comes but then they fall flat on their face after which they are unable to succeed in life. So this number needs to be very honest.  

Parenting tip: These children are very sharp-edged in their way of thinking and are very social. One should not expect them to be very emotional in their attitude. Share your knowledge with them. Be democratic in your parenting style. Such children should not be given too much freedom nor too many restrictions - the parenting should be balanced . Teach them to think through before taking any risks. Such people like to do business and also take risks in life. Parents should behave like their friends.

Moolank 9: very energetic, very knowledgeable, and very willing to help others. They involve themselves in any work they do. They keep doing something for a long period of time and try to achieve perfection in that. Females don't get much love from males and males don't get much love from females. They are very talented and learn any new thing very quickly. They are good friends and like to maintain relationships. If the number is positive, then they are good administrators. If the number is negative, then they will become dictators, will criticize others, will try to avoid doing their work, they may resort to sycophancy. Also, if the number is negative and they get angry, then they can even commit a crime due to their anger. So, these people/children need to learn to remain calm.

Parenting tip: To remove negativity, teach them to pray. If these people are in touch with their parents, guru, or their God, then ultimately nothing bad will happen to them. They are very hard working, but if the number is negative, then they won't want to do any hard work, so ask them to do hard work from a young age. They should wear red clothing if their energy is low.


Nilpa - 4 years ago 
What do u mean by negative number and positive number described in moolank.

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