Moles on the hand

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July 27, 2013

There are a few places where a presence of a mole gives important signals.

Moles on the left hand are not that effective. The right hand is current and if it does not have a mole, then it shows that the behavior has changed which has caused the mole to not appear, hence, the significance of the mole is nil.

A black mole just above the wrists and in the Rahu area are positive - so regardless of your life situation you will continue to earn enough money.

Black moles are better than red.

If on the mount of Sun, within 2 inches below the finger, then they need to be very careful about their eyes and the child needs to pay special attention to maintain good relations with the father. Remedy: do yoga for eyes; fill mouth with water and start throwing water on face and eyes. Eat carrots and drink carrot juice.

Mount of Moon - there's a difference between a spot and mole. A mole on the mount of Moon denotes problems in respiratory system and impurity of the blood. Eat light food that doesn't cause too much "pitta". Such people should be told not to take too much stress.

Upper Mars - a black on this is a good sign as it shows a lot of material things (property, car, etc..). If the mole is red, then this shows that the person may not have good relations with siblings and the person must always drive very carefully as it is also a sign of accident due to rash driving.

Lower Mars - between thumb and Jupiter mount (in the joining area); have the parents' and grandparents' blood checked. Do anulom vilom so the blood pressure remains normal.

Rahu - if there's a mole in the Rahu area (middle of palm); it will give you Raj Yog but after a lot of hardwork.


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