Mercury/Buddh is moving into Libra

September 25, 2013

Mercury will stay in Libra until December 1st, which is unusually long for Mercury.

In general, this change may effect love relations in some signs, in others it may cause an effect on the concentration, there may be problems in speaking, your mind may be negatively effected as well as your wealth. Learn below how it will effect each sign:

Aries: This is a somewhat difficult time for peopl who are in partnerships in business, are in a relationship - with a spouse or partner, or in terms of relations with close friends. This will effect the health or mood of your close relations. It may cause urine and stomach related problems if you're not careful. There are also signs of it effecting your finanaces. If you keep doing the chant of "om bum budhaye namaha" and regularly feeding green lentils (which have been soaked in water for at least 2 hours) to cows then you may get good results.

Taurus: This is a good time for you. Your enemies will disappear (their enmity will end), your debts should get resolved by October/November. If you suffer from stomach or breathing problems, then be careful. Start drinking water from a copper vessel on an empty stomach every morning to get positive results from Mercury.

Gemini: This is a good time for you. It's a period that will increase your energy, eduation, repute, wealth, love relationship, and even if you try for a promotion, you may get it. There is just one negative point - someone may try to cheat you so be very alert. As a remedy, offer a copper item to a poor person (preferably a blue collar worker) on any Wednesday.

Cancer: Don't be in a hurry with things, be patient. There may be problems related to your reputation and your friends may also deceive you. Heart and blood pressure problems may also develop, so be alert. Your mind will be confused, but if you continue to work hard, then the hard work will pay off in about a month's time. Be careful while driving. As a remedy, place some water in a container near your pillow before you go to sleep.

Leo: It's an improved period in terms of wealth. Some peopl may promise you a lot but will not come through on their promises. Despite obstacles, Mercury will be helpful to you. Just don't drive fast or rashly. If you experience any problems, offer jaggery/gud to a cow every morning for 21 days.

Virgo: Wealth, your way of speaking, and your home life will improve. There may be some opportunities for new projects along with a small change; you may get wealth after some hard work; you will feel an increase in your repute. As a remedy, plant some plants/trees.

Libra: In the beginning, it would be a good time professionally as well as in terms of financial matters. However, after some time, it will start causing problems in your personal life. You need to be careful about not being a false witness or telling lies. You should move away from any situation where you may have to lie. You may have financial success - whether it be professionally or otherwise - regardless, it will cause an increase in your bank balance. If you suffer from any problems, then offer an empty "handi" /earthen pot, in flowing water on a Wednesday; the Wednesday after that, offer food/bhog to Ganpati by feeding 1.25kg of green moong dal to a cow early morning.

Scorpio: It's a good time for people who are thinking of going abroad otherwise it can be a disturbing period for you. You may get transferred to a new place. It's also a weak time in terms of wealth, so be careful when you travel. If you have some infection or problem in your head, eyes, throat, stomach, or heart, then take medical advice immediately. As a remedy, offer a white flower to Ganesha every morning.

Saggitarius: It's a good period for you. There can be changes in your job or you may get promoted. Your reputation may also improve. However, there may be some deception in your personal life, so be very alert. There may be some relief in financial issues, with your debts getting cleared and your ability to get more money. You will continue to have problems in regards to your concentration getting disturbed. As a remedy, keep a vessel with Ganga-jal/water from the Ganges near your bed before you sleep

Capricorn: This is fortuitious period for you. You may develop new friendships, you may get promoted, you can move to some better job, even your older friends will come to your help; your reputation may also improve. You may get beneficial results due to your father or someone who's your father's age. If you aren't getting good results, then start offering water to the Sun morning and evening and start doing mantra "Om gan ganpataay namaha" in the evenings.

Aquarius: This period requires a bit of alertness in regards to your luck. Be careful about your wealth - specially the 1st and last week of October and mid-November, try not to spend on unnecessary items during this time. You may also get disturbed due to your elders or the elders' health may be effected which will cause you disturbance. Otherwise, it's a good time for studies or to learn new things. If you have any problems, start chanting "om ganeshaay namaha".

Pisces:  There may be some stress due to the health situation of your life partner and elders. Wealth situation will be weak and you may even get some of your money stuck somewhere . Things are expected to improve after the 15th of November.As a remedy, offer food to 3 dogs regularly and offer a coconut to Bhairo-baba on Saturdays.

Here is a good Mercury/Buddh chant that you can use to make sure Buddh is favorable to you:


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