Mars Move Into Scorpio on Sept 5th

September 08, 2014

Mars has moved into Scorpio and will have an effect on all zodiac signs until the 18th of October. Learn the effects on each Moon sign below:

Aries: you will have to do a lot of hard work, but this change will also give you the desire and will power to do the hard work required. Just be careful about your eyes and stomach in general. It's also a good time from your family's point of view. Overall, the period will be good for you.

Taurus: People who have issues with hair, eyes, and teeth, need to maintain their diets and take their medicines regularly. Control your mood swings. Take care of you mother. There will be success after struggles in your job or business. You may even start some new work, but do take sound advice before making any decisions. Your social status and respect will be good during this time. As a remedy, put some water in a copper vessel at night and then drink that in the mornings and give something made of silver to your  mother at least once.

Gemini: You need to be careful about what you eat. Take nutritious and easily digestible food. Your family relations will be good, although some distant relative may not be so happy with you. If you use your skills and patience in the stock market then you will see some gains. If you are trying for a promotion at the workplace, then continue trying as there are chances of you getting a promotion in the coming 40 days.

Cancer: People who have problems when the weather changes need to be careful. Take some warm water with lemon to help with this. Take care of your relationship with your spouse so there are no quarrels. The same goes for your relationship with your children.

Leo: People who have problems related to the eyes, blood, stomach, uterus, back, shoulders need to quickly resolve any issues with these if they occur. Try to do some exercise if possible. Do not wear red and bright yellow clothes. Overall this will be a time that will bring you success.

Virgo:  People who have problems with the neck or eyes should meditate when they can. Try to take light foods during this time. Make sure your relationship with your father or elders is pleasant to avoid any misunderstanding. It's a good time for people in jobs or in businesses. You may suddenly acquire some money. Do gajendra-moksha paath.

Libra: People who have problems with the kidneys, heart, or lungs should drink water from a copper vessel as an astrological remedy. They should certainly continue taking their medicines regularly. Overall, it's a good period for all - people in jobs or running their own business; even students who work hard during this time will see great benefits during exam time.

Scorpio: It's a very good period for you. Your health, business, family, all will see progress. However, your speech can cause problems. So be very careful in any social setting including when dealing with customers.

Sagittarius: It will be a good phase for you in regards to your health, just be careful about your nose and teeth. However, it can cause some disturbances from your family's point of view - be very careful about your relationship with your mother and spouse. People who are in jobs or in business will see a favorable time. People who are in the stock market or in a line of work where they have to make promises to others need to be very careful as this change will not bring too many benefits for them.

Capricorn: Be careful about any problems related to the stomach or headaches in general. Getting immensely angry can bring about a lot of losses. Don't lift any heavy weights. Massage the soles of your feet and back with mustard or eucalyptus oil. Married people need to be careful to maintain peace in themselves as well as their in-laws.

Aquarius: Be careful about your back and stomach. Your body's immune system may weaken so drink a mixture of tulsi+black pepper+ginger boiled in water like tea and then strained. There may be some disquiet in the family, so be alert. People who are in business will see a favorable time.

Pisces: People who are not in the best of health need to be more disciplined in their diet and recommendations from the doctor. A friend may be a cause of tension in the family. It's a normal time for people involved in business, but people who do anything related to the arts or media or who are gurus in their line of work will see very good gains - enemies will weaken and you will see success.


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