Make Your Moon Balanced

August 05, 2013

We constanly recommend that people work on making the Moon stronger along with their mukhya graha/main planet and praying to their "isht". Here we give you some of the remedies to calm/stregthen or balance your Moon.

Symptoms of a Negative Moon:

it's not necessary that all of these may be affecting you. However, if you notice most of these applicable to you, then that proves that your Moon may be giving you bad results:

1. Between the ages of 4 to 14 or from the ages from18 to 24 - the mother is unable to stay with the child.

2. There are problems in getting help/love/care from peole from the mother's family. Or your mother may be in some kind of suffering which would be hard for you to tolerate.

3. If your car develops a problem with no apparent cause - example, you parked it at for a week and suddenly it doesn't start.

4. Your education is left incomplete or you become a jack of all trades and master of none. Or you are unable to make money from the study you had undertaken.

5. If your Moon is negative, but your education is complete, then your child will stay away from you.

6. Your house will not have attraction despite there being everything. It will not be a house which will be lively.

7. You may suffer from problems with money, repute, and health if you drink milk & your mother may not be able to drink milk or may not be able to drink milk.

8. Your pet/animal may bite you.

9. The dampness in your home may never go away.

10. Your neighbors will always bother you.

11. If your language is very bitter and your Moon is bad, then you can expect your reputation and education to both turn into nothing.

12. Your Guru starts to doubt you and you may not get the care you may need.

13. You may have Vaani-dosh (you get into trouble due to what you say and how you say)

14. You may not get love from your life partner.

15. Your emotions are scattered, or you may not be able to express your emotions properly, or you hide things - all this leads to others doubting you.

16. You're not keen on taking a shower/bath.

17. You won't like to keep your house clean.

18. You may notice that some water always seems to drop at the entrance to your home. The more the water there, the worse your Moon is.

19. One of the biggest issues you may face is your mind-power (mann in Hindi) - this is not referring to brain power- being very weak.

20. You may have a strong brain, but you're unable to use it. You only think about what you could have done - after the fact.

21. Your first born will surely have a lot of problems throughout life (get these rectified as per birth chart); and until you get the first chld, your life will not be prosperous. Also, your first child may not stay close to you, even if the child does stay with you, then you may not have much love between you and the first child; or the child may go away from you.

22. If you have a big clock (with a gong) in the house or if you live near a big clock that has a big gong (and it gongs hourly), then you won't have a child easily and if you do, then that child may have some physical disability.

23. There will be many women in your life, but neither one of them will be caring towards you (if you're a man) or vice versa if you're a woman. If your Moon is very good, then you will get a very good quality women in your life and vice versa if you're a woman, but these people aren't able to stay with them without some remedies.

24. Even if you try to do good, you'll still get bad effects on you.

25. Even if you do prayer/worship, it will give you bad resutls.

26. Whomever you help (especially the poor - socially or economically), you'll develop enmity with them.

27. A weak Moon in a family will always have quarrels between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law (Saas-bahu in Hindi)

28. A person with a weak Moon should never recommend medicine to anyone, it will give bad results

29. The prosperity will be less to such a person.

30.You may get anxious easily even from very small issues

31. You may have problems with blood pressure

32. If your muscles are always some kind of strain, then your Moon is weak

33. If you have palpitations, then your Moon is weak

34. Your body may produce too much mucus

Remedies for a weak Moon:

1. Never take a silver gift or accept silver as donation

2. Donate Silver - if you can't afford, then even donating a small thread of silver is enough - do this once/twice a year

3. Donate milk and don't drink milk on Monday

4. Forget any donations that you give, don't remember anything that you may have donated. Thank the person who accepted your donation and never be egoistic.

5. Eat coconut, wear white clothes, doing anulom-vilom breathing (for Sun & Moon), keep small plants in the North of the house

6. Establish a Shivling made of silver or "paare" in the home and worship it regularly

7. Establish Shri Krishna in the North and offer a crystal necklace (sfatik ki mala) to him, this will also improve the Moon of everyone else in the home

8. Peacock feathers in the home also help imrove the Moon

9. Never let wild pigeons live in your home, it will weaken your Moon

10. If you feel disrespected on various occassions, then this proves your Moon is weak. Start speaking less and start reading religious books and caring/loving for your mother. Never be angry with her.

11. Wear a "supari" in silver, by doing the Moon japa first

12. Giving milk to father helps improve Moon

13. Take a silver chain as gift from your mother or father's sister and wear it

14. Sit with your mother on the night of "purnamasi" and do chants for lord Shiva or do one of the following mantras: "om shraam shreem shrom sah somay namaha" or "om shreem shrom somaay namaha"

15. In the winter, make sure you take saffron or Shilajit

16. Never keep a big clock in the home

17. Blowing on a big conch (shunk in Hindi) in the home is also helpful

18. If your Moon is with Rahu or Ketu, then you will feel very irritable, angry, tired, mental problems, loneliness, depression, negativity, and sleep problems - remedies: meditate and breathe deeply, do prayers, don't meet people you don't like, eat green cardamom, drink more water, walk on green grass, swim if you like (but be careful)

19. A weak Moon also effects Mars - your energy may feel less, you have more anxiety, you feel a lack of money - donate milk and weak a silver chain, drink more water, don't drink very rich food, eat saunf (fennel), eat fresh fruits

20. Jupiter is another planet that gets effected by a weakend Moon - feed jaggery to cows, drink more water, donate shoes or food to leprosy patients

21. Chanting the Moon mantra is another very effective remedy to make the Moon positive. Here's a chanting to help you get started:


Prerna - 6 years ago 
Apart from remedies , if we consciously start for example start taking shower or anything which defines weak moon,will it help?
Manik - 5 years ago 
Parnam ji, I am facing somany problems from last few years I have business problem it's not run good, money problem & in big loans and till not married & big problem is business is not running. Manik Luthra,20.07.1982,10.10pm, Yamuna nagar Haryana
Raji - 5 years ago 
Namaste ji. I haven't seen such a wonderful astrologer who has given so many remedies. Bcz of Ur remedies....many will be out of sorrows by following it. Tank u sir once again.
CS - 5 years ago 
Dear Sir Please suggest any effective remedies for moon as Iam getting a lot of problem relating to occupation. DOB--30.01.1977 TIME-4.30 PM PLACE- MADHUBANI BIHAR
amina - 5 years ago 
m suffering black magic and debilitated moon and a muslim girl, help me by suggesting remedies easier to practice...cuz i live in conservative culture and have exactly almost all of ur mentioned symptoms.
Reply By: Astro Vani - 5 years ago 
Start meditating daily and offer "food" to your ancestors everyday. Just put some black sesame seeds in your hands and thank your ancestors for their blessings and ask them to accept the water and sesame seeds as a token of your appreciation. Pour water over your hand that has the sesame seeds as you ask them to accept your offering. This can be done anytime and anywhere during the day.
Smita - 5 years ago 
Myself and my husband has not having regular income what should we do business or job my date of.birth 07/01/1978 time 9:45 am kerala city alapuzha
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Pranaam Guru ji My son birthdate is 17/04/1988 Time 15/01/00 1988 Place of birth Vadodara Gujarat His Chandrama is giving bad effects Please give remedies Please reply
Latha - 5 years ago 
Sri my son born on 25/04/1/2013 pls suggest about his studies, parents.
Amit - 4 years ago 
Start giving him milk by putting 2 pinch of vasa powder in it and chant Shri Ganehsya Namah 108 times and drink then.
Rekha - 4 years ago 
my birth date is 02.03.1973 time 12.05pm place Ajmer Raj female
Arpana - 4 years ago 
Namaste Guru ji Should we follow all the remedies to strengthen moon. Silver chain with father's sister on which day we have to take and wear it. My infinite Namaste for God.
HELY - 4 years ago 
I dont know but i am having the same problems as you mentioned in the symptoms... i am pursuing MBA and i always feel negative, lonely and depressed.. Even because of that I cant focus on my studies.. what remedies i can have to get out of this problem ?? My birth date is 16.07.1996 and time is 10.45 am and I am born in Ahmedabad
Reply By: - 2 years ago 
I feel my own heartbeat when lying or while going to sleep. I makes fear to me . I unable to sleep at night also. I feel anxious and anxiety everyday. I unable to control my mind please help me
Reply By: Astro Vani - 2 years ago 
Get you blood tests done - you may have a lack of iron and vitamin D. Other than that, do some remedies of Shani/Saturn mentioned on our site.
Prabh - 4 years ago 
For weak moon :- 1.Which is the right day to wear a silver chain? 2. In which hand should silver bangle and ring be worn? Left or right?
Megha - 4 years ago 
Namaste guru ji.. My date of birth is 04 03 1986 time 4:15 am place delhi. My in laws tortured me a lot so m having divorce aftr 2 years of my marriage.kindly tell me guru ji what should i do and in future and what remedies i shoulf perform to make my moon stronger
Mital - 4 years ago 
Namaste Guruji. My Name is Mital, My DOB is 24-11-1978 , time 12.22 noon and place is ahmedabad. Please Suggest me solution i have Moon and Rahu both are in 8th house in Simha rashi. Should i wear Moti. Please give me Solution asap. Thanks
Neeraj - 4 years ago 
Parnam Guruji I am running from very bad period tottaly loosed depressed no love in life trying lot's but nothing going right haevy loans Neeraj Garg 9/7/76 06.38 am. Jodhpur
Neha - 4 years ago 
Pranaam panditji ,mera chandrama bahut kharab hei ,mere aur mere husband is beech bilkul nahi banti ,ek beti hei wo bhi bahut prabhavit ho rahi hei usse ....shadi bojh ban gayi hei..pati bhi bahut ego wale hein...kripaya koi upay bataye
Nidhi - 4 years ago 
Sir my Name is Nidhi I was born on 10 11 1999 at 13 :25 in Kumbharaj M.P. Sir ....I am not able to focus and remember anything i read please tell me what to do .....
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Hello Nidhi, Do remedies for Moon and Mercury. This will help you. Phani
Reply By: superpc - 4 years ago 
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Hello Guru ji , Due to this covid I lost my job last year since then I been very negative and my mom ever like me . She liked me only because of money. I love my mom but since last year I have been facing mental help issues which to my mom seems fake . I have been alone the most of my life and haven’t found a partner n been into wrong relationships . Stayed alone a lot n been fake happy the most of my life . I am started to feel my head is getting hammered tap feeling each day which seems scary now . I really need a remedy . DOB 20/12/1986 2:37pm ,Saturday.
Nidhi - 4 years ago 
Sir my Name is Nidhi I was born on 10 11 1999 at 13 :25 in Kumbharaj M.P. Sir ....I am not able to focus and remember anything i read please tell me what to do .....
Nikita - 4 years ago 
Sir my name is Nikita and my DOB 15 March 1991 time 8:10pm Nagpur , I am facing palpitations issue,and therefor restlessness Pls suggest some remedies
Payal - 4 years ago 
Thanks jiii I have all the problems in life mentioned above I hope remedies will help
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Sani in 10th house and Chandra is 4th house looking each other. Which is bad sani or Chandra. Is it vish yog?
Phani - 4 years ago 
Hello Nikita, My name is Phani and I am researcher in astrology. I been through your chart and the reason for your issue is MOON in 6th house of roga. Also your MOON is weak. Do Moon remedy. Read MOON beejamantra at night(sit on terrace) in full moon days ( especially). Hope this helps. -Phani
Reply By: superpc - 4 years ago 
Reply By: - 2 years ago 
My name is Nayani borpatra gohain. Birthdate 26 May 1994 . I get angry easily and get frustrated. I lose focus and I can't be stable . I don't get job . Financially I'm so weak and I help
Shalin8 - 4 years ago 
Sir Pranam My date 9f birth is 11/03/1976 at 8:28p.m I suffer from epilepsy and asthma and generally the attacks come near amavasya or poornima. Please help. I'm tired and many a times feel like committing suicide
Sareeta - 4 years ago 
Hi.. my name is Sareeta Sharma Date of birth;- 01-08-1986 Birth time:-1:45am Birth place:- Dombivli - mumbai (Maharashtra)
Leena - 4 years ago 
Hi sir I can't focus on my medical school exams I left my home to be away from spouse to study But neighbours are loud I cant remember things I learned yesterday When is correct time to take board exam? I booked for aug 26th, should I change this date? How do I focus and remember better? Aug 30th 1990, 06:20am, toronto, Canada Moon dasha started today. Vishyog in 5th house. Please please help.
Ash - 4 years ago 
I have Makar lagan and Moon+Ketu in 2nd house Aquarius, Mars in 6th, Rahu in 8th, Mer in 10th, Sun in 11th, and Jup+Ven+Sat in 12th house. Please explain and see if you can help in any way. thanks in advance.
sameer - 3 years ago 
Sir Pranam My date 9f birth is 12-13/06/1974 time 00:25 a.m. Birth Place - Delhi. My all the planets are not favorable for me. I don't have confidence to do anything, I don't want to talk to anybody. Please suggest me remedies so that I can get rid or my problem and become successful in life. Now I planned to buy a house for me, If it is possible for me or suggest remedies to do so.
Sadhana - 3 years ago 
Namaste, my daughter's date of birth is 8th march 2003 @5.49 pm at DELHI. She has been a rockstar till 2015 and thereon her health has taken a downturn, also hair from like a rare crown to hair fall and education also is on crossroads, please please please advise. I got for her a silver crescent moon, can she wear it too in mouli or black thread. Dhanyawaad is less, but how else i say it?
ANUPRABHA - 3 years ago 
Hi, facing mental struggles daily. Family issues. what to do
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
Remove all the waste items or tools from sw direction of home and stars applying saffron tilak and offer water to shivling on every Monday in 7 days u will get result trust me
Rekha - 3 years ago 
I don't have good relations with my son.He date of birth is 19sep2000.His name is Rohan and birth place is lucknow.Please reply very much upset.
Rekha - 3 years ago 
I don't have good relations with my son.He date of birth is 19sep2000.His name is Rohan and birth place is lucknow.Please reply very much upset.
Lakshmy - 3 years ago 
Sir,my son has moon in 6th house from vrichika lagna .ketu is also there along with moon. His dob is 11th October 1995,10.30 am,Kochi kerala.He talks abusively.scolds everybody, spends without plan.How to rectify his moon. He is not with me. Right now. Not getting job also..How to rectify this weak moon? Please help me
Reply By: - 2 years ago 
22.05.1974 15.40 pm chidambaram [boy] 17.12.1976 00.05 am chennai [girl We are in a relationship for the last 15 years but we are unable to get married. Can you please tell us what is the problem and what is the remedy.
Piyali - 3 years ago 
My dob is 05/06/1981 at 3.45 am mumbai. I feel depressed and lonely all the time. I have almost all the symptoms mentioned above. Please suggest how can I strengthen my moon and be mentally strong
Sid - 3 years ago 
Pranaam , I read the article and really felt helpful .Thank you for the clear remedies for the issues . But sometime i feels always doubtful and anxious on small decisions if need to take . Need mental peace .... Please solution for this DOB : 17th Jul 1984
Ghunraj Vishal - 3 years ago 
Ghunraj I am in real estate business and Born on 12 Oct 1979 at 09 30 in Pamplemousses Mauritius and am getting lots of problem in my career. Can you please get me a solution
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
My moon is in tenth house .its weak too. Divorced twice .born on 6sept,1982 at 12.15 am .staying away from son .money and health issues like knee pain . Problem with getting stable life and work married third time
Anuja - 2 years ago 
Hello guru ji I'm 20 February born 2003 in evening around to make my mother strong and healthy ..i love my mother so much ..plz suggest guru ji
Krupakara - 2 years ago 
Guruji Guruji i read your above referred article about weak moon. First time in my life i read such a good reference. i am facing 95 % of the ill effects referred above. I will adopt every thing what you have advised. I am chanting Om som somahaya Namah some times in a day. As I have financial issues I will adopt the advices given to use silver articles. It is mentioned that if i do prayers or worship it will give bad effects. I am chanting Gayatri mantra now. I cant stay without chanting. Kindly suggest what should be done to make my moon stronger according to date of birth. My Date of birth is 11.04.1973, 8.06 am Born in Bangalore.
Reply By: - 2 years ago 
The above is true for me too. I can't stop chanting n by the looks of it I've bad moon. Is there a way to contact u sir?
Nikita - 2 years ago 
Namaste Ji I would like to know if I can wear silver or not Can I wear diamonds I have very chronic skin issue n it’s getting darker past few years my dob is 5/5/85 11:30 pm Guntakal
Jeevan - 2 years ago 
If worshipping gives bad result then still can we worship lord shiva in temple daily or on Monday ? Should we stop to pray and religious pooja, teerth yatra
MINNI - 2 years ago 
Namaste Guru ji, My relations with my husband are very poor & becoming worst day by day which is affecting my child life also. Please suggest some solutions
Romi - 2 years ago 
Namaste guruji, I don't understand whether my moon is weak or not, some says it is ok and few of them said that it is not good. Please enlighten me what to do. 24/04/1993 Time- 11:05 a.m Place - Purnea, Bihar
j - 1 year ago 
Thank you
Anmol - 2 months ago 
Hi, I am facing many issues. Date of birth is 14march1988. 1:10pm and birth place is New Delhi

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