How to Make Your Marital Life Happy

July 08, 2014

Nowadays many people who get married are finding their married life to be a cause of many frustrations and general dissatisfaction. This can be due to various planets - namely Mars, Mercury, and Moon

Moon - makes it hard to connect to one's spouse emotionally.

Mars - causes misunderstandings, anger, and lifestyle issues. For example, the wife may want to go to sleep by 11, while the husband would like to be awake until at least 2am; or the husband may prefer to visit his relatives on a day off, while the wife may like to go out with him alone; the husband may want to decide things for himself, while the wife may want to have inputs from the extended family in helping them decide; etc...

If one's ambitions in one's professional life are the cause of rift in the household, then it is again is caused by Mars affecting the household (which is emotions, hence, the Moon).

Both Moon and Mars create misconceptions in the mind making one think that what they are doing and saying is correct regardless of what anyone else has to say, even if the other person is one's life partner. As a remedy, donate some sweets on a Tuesday together with your spouse. If the problems are many, then go barefoot to donate the sweets.

If dissatisfaction is increasing too much, then start worshipping girls who are younger than 9 years old on every Saptmi, Ashtami, and Navmi of the month. These dates occur twice in a month, so the worshipping needs to be done on all of those days. How to worship: offer the children some food; touch their feet; put 2 cloves (laung) in betel (paan) leaves and give it to them. They may or may not eat the betel with cloves, it's up to them - you just have to give it to them. 

Signs through palmistry:

If there are many lines on the side of the mount of Mercury (when looking at palm from the side), then it shows that there will be a lot of dissatisfaction due to friends - for example, a wife having many friends who are male may cause problems in marriage as the husband may not like the wife hanging out with her male friends.

If one of the lines from the side of the mount of Mercury happen to curve into the heart line, then it shows a dichotomous approach to life. Whereas in the office, you may be very forward looking, you may want be very conservative in your home affairs. As a remedy for this issue, one can offer some milk in to the bargad tree's roots and also apply a tilak on each other's foreheads on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

If you are very unhappy in your married life because your spouse doesn't listen to you at all, then start praying to Ketu by wholeheartedly meditating upon the mantra: Om Kem Ketave Namaha. Here's how to pronounce this mantra correctly:


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