Liver Problems and Their Remedies

November 13, 2013

If there's any problem with the Sun or Jupiter, then it has a direct impact on the liver - in the form of fatty liver, enzyme problems, protein synthesization, or any other kind of issue.

Small children usually suffer from jaundice, which can easily treated by doctors. However, the problem occurs when the child starts eating as per his liking or when one does not get a balanced diet.

On the palm:

- if there are too many lines on the mount of Sun

- if there are dark circles or spots on the mount of Sun

- or if the mount is not raised, but flat/pressed downwards

=> this shows a possibility of either your digestive system, your bile-juice, or enzyme system to be weak which will cause a bad effect on your liver.

- if the Jupiter mount is too high or too pressed downwards

- if there are many lines on the mount

- or if there's a spot on the top or bottom most phalange of the finger

=> this shows that your liver is very weak and if you don't eat properly then this sytem will further weaken. These signs also show that you love spicy food and are unable to control yourself, which causes more problems.


If liver issues are common in your family, then it's important that you take even further care in what you eat.

The most important this is to reduce your fat in the food you eat.

Whenever you eat something that has too much fat, then start drinking some warm water immediately after the food and eat a black pepper soon afterwards.

Drink some turmeric with milk or water.

Make sure you eat some carrots and white radish everyday - these will make your brain sharper as well as improving your liver.

Eating cane and white radish seeds will also help make your liver better.


If the liver is not functioning well or if you have jaundice, then you should abstain from turmeric. It's also not advised to wear gold in these cases. You should eat pure honey and drink from a copper vessel regulary.


Rahul - 4 years ago 
Very well explained

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