Life line

September 23, 2013

Life line is considered the most important as it gives a lot of indication about one's life as well as health.

If the life line circumvents the Venus mount outwardly, there will be more comforts in life - such people should do more donations to maintain the comforts.

If the line is close to the Venus line, then there will be many struggles, in which case one should worship Maa Durga or Maa Saraswati. You should also be careful about your health, making  your will power stronger, mental health should be worked on too so it's stronger.

The Mars line going on the Life line provide support to Life, so these are positive lines to have. The Mars line also help in case the life line is short and one shouldn't be afraid of the small life line in this case.

If the line line is breaking, start doing rudra-abhishek, mahamrityunjaya mantra, sundarkaand, or gayatri mantra.

If a line from your life line goes to the Jupiter mount, then you will have to struggle a lot throughout life despite getting success.

If you life line is divided into 2 parts at the end, then you will settle abroad and will spend your life abroad.


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