Leg Pain & Why a Leg Changes Shape in Kids

August 28, 2012

There are many children whose legs appear deformed.

Caused by Bad Mangal.

If Jupiter or Shani are in Scorpio, then too this problem arises. Either your legs feel like they're stuck together at the knees or both your legs start touching each other. You start to get pain after the age of 25-26.

Flat feet or prontation towards each other if the Jupiter is not in good position.

Reasons for the problems with legs:
Sitting posture isn't good.
Lack of walking or running.

Anantmool root in red around neck
Once a month on Tuesday, offer sindur and chameli oil to hanuman ji
Take a bit of turmeric with a bit milk or water
Put a small ball in between your legs and try to press. Start increasing the ball size gradually.
Stand like Krishna and try to touch your feet.
If knee pain, put turmeric in jaitun oil and tie it at the spot of the pain and sleep.
People who make noise while walking or slide their feet, then this will deform your feet. It's also a sign of something negative.

Try not to eat till your stomach is very full.


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