Learn how to recognize and avoid deception

August 02, 2013

We never know who may be our enemy. They may be masquerading as our well-wisher in the form of our friends, uncles, aunts,

They decieve us in such a way that it effects our wealth, health, and even property. So, how do we know whether the person we're meeting is a friend or a foe. The tips below will help you become stronger and aware of such people in your life.

Enemies due to bad Ketu:

If your Ketu is giving bad effects, then your own relations will be deceive you or make fun of you behind your back. You will find out at some time that this person who's so close to you doing these things to you and you will be emotionally hurt.

Ketu makes one an emotional fool. It turns you into someone who needs to share his feelings with everyone who he comes in contact with.

People will start benefitting from you at your expense. The enemy will say nice things to you in front of you, but will start making fun of you when you're not around.

You may not know why all your relations are turning sour.

When Ketu is strong, it makes one very successful, but also makes you very emotional and easily deceived.

This may even let your ancestral get out of your hands.

Such enemies will try and gather as much emotional information about you and will then use that information against you by telling lies/gossips to even your spouse and children.


(For women) If you have bad Jupiter, never be too friendly with men (even peple in your extended family) as they will deceive you for sure.

If the Jupiter mount has too many cuts and lines or if there are spots, then you get into problems with the opposite sex (specially after marriage/if you're in a relationship). Or if the spots are reaching to the bottom phalange of the Jupiter finger - never be friends with spouse's friends. Also, any time you make a friend, make sure people in your family know of your friends.

If the Jupiter mount is too high and there are a lot of lines on this mount, then you will surely get deceived; sometimes even after marriage. Someone gets so close to you that everyone else seems to be wrong and only that one person seems right. You may even start saying bad things about people in your home; otherwise that person will think you are weak and will brain-wash you. That person will seem to appear in your thoughts all the times and only that person's advice will seem right to you. This is due to Rahu's effect on Jupiter. You may not even be able to get over such deception.

Enemy signs on your palm:

If there's a huge spot or big mole on the Jupiter mount then you need to be very alert, as you will definitely get deceived by someone very close to you.

If there are 2 parallel lines on the Jupiter mount, then you will surely experience a great turbulence in life due to someone close to you.

If a line from Rahu's area (the hole in the middle of palm) is going towards Mars or Mercur or Moon; you wil surely have to go through problems so be very careful. This is especially important for people who come from an influential family.

If one of the marriage lines divides in 2 and go down to the hear line, this means that someone to whom you will give your heart and soul will deceive you in a planned way. The person will be very upset/angry with you in a planned way.

If your Mercury finger is very short or is bending forward, then too you need to be careful. A good person will never ask you to go away from your family and friends. Someone who does this is not someone to be trusted.

Someone who is taking you away from your work or education is also not someone you can trust.

Someone who dominates a lot or someone who says yes to everything you say is also your enemy.

The area right above the wrist will have a small line going towards Moon. This denotes that anyone you trust will deceive you - Ketu line.


If there are too many lines cutting the Sun sign, it denotes problems, then this shows that the enemy is very close to you. The person doesn't behave well, but you happen to like that person. This happens to young girls very often, where they fall for the wrong kind of person. So be careful about who you share your personal emotions with.

Important Notes for Boys:

Boys whose Venus is weak or if Mars is in 2nd, 4th, 7th, or 12th bhaav, then you will get deception in love. For remedy, either don't find your love on your own or make sure your Moon is very strong.

On your hand: check that there aren't lines dropping from the line of heart; deep vertical & horizontal lines on the Venus mount

Many times, people are getting deceived in marriage - you may get an enemy instead of a spouse. When Rahu effects the 7th house or if there's Mangal dosh in the kundali, then this deception happens. Make sure you check the kundalis before getting married.

Whenever you want to get married, check

- that the Mercury finger is not bent outwards (away from the hand) or forward.

- there will be split begnning of the marriage line and split ending

- the Mercury line will start going upwards towards the Mercury finger

- if there are 3-4 lines cutting the marriage lines, then you may have problems in marriage due to in-laws

- if the upper Mars is too wide and there are too many lines, then some outsider will interfere with your marriage and cause problems

- if the lower Mars is same, then too, you can expect many problems

- if Venus is flat or if there's a net there or it's hanging down then you shouldn't get into partnership with your inlaws.

- if mercury or Shani are weak then you will lose in partnership

- when there's Sun and Shani yuti, your partner will have the money and you will be left with nothing

- when in the 6th bhaav you have Sun, Mars, or Shani, then you will have to go through a lot of loss in a partnership (any kind of partnership - playing partner, business partners , games partners); this kind of deception will cause a great harm to your repute as well.

- when in the 7th bhaav you have Mars, Shani, and Sun, then the partnership will result in a deception which will be dangerous to your life; be very careful or don't get into partnerships

Remedy to avoid any of these deceptions:

Keep "sarp-gand' with you at all times; you can initiate it through Shani mantra and then wear it in your neck.


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