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August 04, 2013

You must have heard, seen, or at least read about people who are able to heal/fix problems in others just by touching them. What is it? How is it done? How can you become a healer yourself?

You may have experienced that when you go to a Guru who has achieved a high level of meditaitive state, you feel like crying or explaining your problems to that person. Once you finish telling them your problems, you automatically start feeling better - partly because you've shared your pains. The other reason is because their aura and their energy is such that their positive energy hits yours even when you sit around them and brings about healing in you.

So how can we heal others? How can we improve our aura to allow healing in self and others? How does one touch someone else's aura?

This is done through years of "saadhana/focused meditation". First of all, your energies need to be increased because if you'd like to do something for others, you first need to be strong yourself. This is called "praan or trikaal vidya" in India. However, because some wrong kinds of people have misused it to exploit/hypnotize others, many people are generally afraid of this kind of practice.

There are some preconditions to achieving the state whereby you can impart aura/touch healing - to fix someone's physical and mental health. These are listed as follows:

1. You need to meditate to your "isht" or you can be given this energy by a Guru who's strong and would like you to have it (very rare).

2. Your concentration needs to be disciplined and regular

3. Your remedies must be regular

4. You have to be humble - remember, the more fruits are on a tree - the further it has to bend - so be sorry if you make a mistake. It enriches your aura.

5. Universal love - if you can love everyone, then your confidence will be high

6.Eat "satvik"/pure food as per Hinduism

7. Thoughts must also be "satvik"/pure - not negative

Remedies/ ways to improve concentration: in general, your Moon, Sun, and Jupiter need to be strong if you'd like to heal others.

1. Take "kanair" root and break it during "Guru Pushya" nakshatra; rub it with water on a surface; and do its tilak everyday - this increases your energy and power of attraction

2. Take peepal tree's root and rub it on surface with a bit of water, apply the residue as a tilak everyday

3. Concentrate on a blue round spot (also good for people who get angry quickly or have problems in concentration)

4. Do "tratak" with the Moon starting from Shukla paksh up to Krishna Chaturthi

5. Do pranayam to increase power to the brain - it increases your aura gradually

Healing Process:

Take some "sendha" salt in water and wash hands with it.

Then do pranayaam, starting with anulom vilom. Close your eyes.

Then inhale for 10 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, and then take 30 seconds to let it out. This will take practice so start with less number of seconds.

Then give respects to your isht and ask them for energy. Should be asked specifically - explain what you'd like to do and why you'd like to do it. This should be done calmly and with great focus.

Then give respects to your Guru if you have any or again say hello to your isht again. This will start the mental connection with your Guru.

Then mentally start focusing yourself on the full Moon.

Then stabilize your breath.

Then stabilize your mind.

Then, focus on the problematic body part. Example, if your wrist hurts, slowly start focusing on your wrist - saying to yourself that "I wil fix my wrist."

Side note for students: do the above stabilization and start looking at yourself and asking for the qualities you'd like in yourself or start focusing on your photo and asking the same.

If you're trying to heal another person, then too you need to focus on their body/part, but again - without losing focus. Keep remembering your Guru and Isht while focusing. Do not touch the body that requires healing. Put a "peepal/aak/kanair leaf" on the body part that is in pain and slowly start focusing on it.

In the same way (as described above), you can also protect yourself from harm. To do this, sit and keep staring at yourself or focus on some energy force around you that is protecting you and start focusing on yourself. This will end any enmity towards you. You will start becoming more positive. As people will look at you, they will become sympathetic towards you.

Another note for students: the above can help you improve your concentration with which you can achieve a lot. If you're effected by medicines, are weak, have a weak mind, have negative behavior, or don't have an interest - this causes lack of concentration.

In astrological language, Shani and Moon's negative effects are causing bad effects on you. Ketu is also responsible for keeping you in darkness. Ketu also causes you to be in darkenss and make even turn you into an attention seeker, but instead you will end up losing everyone's trust. Rahu will make you deceptive, but ultimately you will deceive yourself - you're not able to develop your talents, life is full of struggles, no one wants to come near you, and at some point you become very lonely. These effects of Rahu are especially true for people who use their inherent qualities to exploit others.

Sun becoming negative will cause ego and problems with concentration. You should read "aditya hridya stotra". Respect your Guru and father with crossed hands and touch their feet. Be in the company of people who are more intelligent than you. Wear a silver ring in your Sun finger on a Sunday. Do Ramayana paath to improve concentration, reduce ego, and improve confidence.  If you don't make your Sun postiive, it can finish off your wealth and reputation eventually and leave you lonely and alone.

Never let your Moon be weak either. It can also cause lowered focus/concentration. Do Pranayam. Otherwise, such people become very weak and lose their mind's power.

Drink some lemon in lukewarm water if you feel your stomach is getting bloated after eating food.

Whenever you feel that you're losing your attractiveness, then start doing Shri Krisha Kathaa puja regularly. It should be done with heart - not half heartedly. Your attraction will start coming back.


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