Learn About Yourself From Your Body

May 18, 2013

Your body language is not just a means of non-verbal communication, but also gives a lot away about your luck and future in life. Let's look into many of the common signs and their meaning:


  • If women let their body loose, for example, sitting without tightening the body, it means that one's body will become weak and the body fat will increase a lot.
  • If one walks with their shoulders bent forward, it means a lot of struggles in life and one may have to go through a lot of sadness. In the beginning of life, the person may to expend a lot of energy to get things done.
  • To walk while stomping your feet, means there may be uterus and stomach related issues.
  • Many women talk with a lot of pressure in their voice, by loudly saying each word. This shows a bad Mars and causes problems in married life.

Anxious people - who keep moving their feet or fingers, shows bad Rahu and Mercury. These bring illness an unsuccessful results. These people start a lot of things, but they never finish anything they start. They will talk about a lot of things and will be a good conversationalist. They never sit still without movement. These people find faults in many people and don't like many people. They take haste decisions and are impatient. Other people aren't impressed by them. 26-28 and 31-34 they go through some major losses in life.
Such people need to see the following symptoms:
1. If hair falls between 25 and 31, they will have to go through a lot of hard work and struggles until 42 years of life.

If there is additionally some burning sensation in the stomach - be extra careful. Many failures, hardship in regards to family life, problems with job/carreer. Issues with heart liver, blood pressure issues.

  • Open and close your fingers on purpose.
  • Open on green grass barefoot.
  • Don't take food after sunset or just take light food.
  • Take good sleep.

2. If you move your neck too swiftly, or while talking/laughing. It means there's a difference between thoughts and action. Causes problems in your reputation. Always worship the Sun especially people in marketing/liaison.

EYES - always talk while looking in to the other person's eyes. It shows good Sun and Moon. People who have confident and softness in their eyes, will succeed in 23, 25, 28, 36, 48, and 52 years of age will get big accomplishments after a lot of hard work. They must always respect their mother and keep their Moon strong.

If one talks with their eyes looking at the other intensely, it shows over-confidence.

People whose eyes are very attractive, shows that they will get good results in the years 22 and 27, but to get good results one must not be flirty otherwise there might be bad results in the years after 28. Be limited in the behavior with the opposite sex to improve one's health and get affection from one's life partner.


To stand with your hands above your forearms - it shows a good Shani and Jupiter. Such people are knowledgeable and good at their work.

If the hands are hidden under the sides/underarms, such people have to struggle a lot. These people have a weak Jupiter. Such people are afraid to do their work. They don't share their work or knowledge. They are secretive and unable to say their opinion.

If one hand is out on the forearm and the other is under the elbow - it shows knowledge and honesty in the person. A confident person.

When a person moves the hands while walking, shows confidence and balance. When hands don't move much it shows low self-confidence and weak body. As hands move out, it shows boldness. If the hands are completely out while walking, such people don't have much patience, they lose their reputation and money. Such people should stay with guru, mother, and knowledgeable people. Such people should never eat meat, a lot of heavy food, or drink alcohol.

RUBBING OF HANDS together is not a good habit either, it shows a desire to dominate others. Remedy: wear a Golden ring in your index finger.


If one ikes to spread themselves wherever they sit - it shows a bad Rahu and Mars. So remedies should be done for these and the habit should be changed.

People who hold your hands with both hands, show a desire to respect and lover others. It may also show too much politeness in some.

People who lazily shake hands are too lazy and are disinterested in others.

People who briefly shake your hands and let go, shows their desire to meet you is very short. Such people aren't doing well in their private life.

Some people's hands are tight, but soft. This shows a good Mars, such people are happy in their work and family life.

People who raise their shoulder while shaking your hand, while slightly shaking their hand. Such people want to only talk about work and wish to dominate you.

People who shake their hand while keeping their shoulder to themselves and hand close to their body, they are keen to know your secrets and not divulge their own.

If people shake your hand while keeping it close to their body and keep holding your hand. Such people are sharp and are on the lookout for their benefits. They want to discuss something deeply. If their Jupiter is strong, then they'll do well. If their Jupiter is not good, then they will have to struggle a lot to succeed in life.


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