Lazy children - how to make them more active

October 18, 2013

Many children don't like to run nowadays and are becoming very lazy in general. Learn how to make the child be more active and sporty as per Astro Uncle Pawan Sinha. 

If Jupiter or Venus dominate in the birth chart, it makes one not want to run or do any sports.

People who are dominated by Mars, Rahu, or Shani - cause one to be sporty and or invovled in running.

Moon makes one sporty for some time, but then makes the person the complete opposite, where the person finds it hard to get into anything sporty.

If your main planet is weak, or if the lagna is effected by Shani, Moon, or Venus, then you will feel weak or out of breath with just a little bit of movement/activity.

Some people may be ok with walking 20 km, but not while running a short distance as that takes stamina - the respiratory system, blood ciruculation, will power, and ability to sustain exertion come forward while running.

Many children are not strong enough to run due to their nutrition. 

Remedies to reduce laziness: 

- start giving black pepper with jaggery to the child in the morning

- put some of it in the food you cook.

- put some black pepper in honey and have the child eat it at night

- give coconut water to the child

- if the thighs rub against each other while running, it causes problems while running; start putting a small ball between the thighs of the child and have him press it - the gap between the thighs will start to increase

- fill a copper vessel with water and put a 7-8 carat Moonga/coral stone in it at night; warm this water in the morning and have him drink it in the morning on an empty stomach

- have the child wear 3 or 5 rudraaksh beads - size can be 0, 1, or 2 - not the big ones

How to increase the child's willpower to run and be sporty?

This isn't an easy task as the child is moody. You need to inspire the child slowly. If the child's birthchart is conducive to Moonga/coral stone, then you can have the child wear a moonga pendant in silver or copper. This should be done on a Tuesday. It will increase the energy. If you feel that the anger in the child is increasing after wearing this, then discontinue the pendant wearing as it's showing that the extra energy is going into the brain.


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