Kartik Poornima - what should you do?

November 05, 2014

Kartik Poornima is a day that signifies great changes in the weather. Today onwards you can expect the cold air and weather to become more intense.

It is also called Dev Dipavali - or Diwali for the gods. Alternatively, the day is also called Tripura Poornima.

Things to do on this day:


Make sure you shower in the evening, then light a candle, and finally donate something.

Taking a shower in a specific way will make your mind peaceful while also improving your Sun and Moon. You can start this specific remedy from tomorrow if you wish. See details below for each planet.

For the Sun, make a herbal pouch consisting of : bel patra (one will last 3-4 days), white sandalwood, pomegranate root and optionally you can put some cardamom, "saathi" rice, khas, honey, amaltaas flower, lotus flower, kum-kum, dev-daar leaves - take a bath with this pouch in your shower for at least 11 days. This will help you get support provided your are honest. It's not going to work for people who are not inherently good or not trying to be better.

For the Moon, make a herbal pouch consisting of: jasmine flowers, silver, a couple of sea-shells - put it in a bucket over-night; do the mantra: "om namah shivay", "om shram shrim shrom sah chandramasay namaha", or "om rudraaya namaha'"

Other To Dos: 

  • Offer milk to mother in a silver vessel - this will help your relationship with your mother and will help make your Moon positive.
  • The mother and child need to give "kaudi" to each other. After this, the kaudi should be placed in a white cloth or in a silver box and put at Ma Durga's feet in your place of worship. This will prove to be very beneficial in the health and luck of both the child and mother.
  • If you live away from your mother, then donate some copper vessel filled either with something made of wheat flour or just the wheat flour by itself. Do this in the morning.
  • If you do any yagya/fire yoga for your Pitra - so your ancestors' are happy and peaceful, on this day, then it will give very good results. If you can't do yag, then at least remember them. 
  • Everyone except people whose moon sign is Taurus should donate milk.
  • Donating khichdi, coconut, black clothes and milk at the Ganges ghat with your whole family on this day will prove very beneficial to you. Make sure you thank the person accepting your donation.
  • It's good to light a candle near the peepal tree and tulsi plants.
  • Any donations, mantra chanting, or any other spiritual activity done on this day is equivalent to doing 10 yagya/fire yoga, so do as much as you can.


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