Is Your Child Afraid of Mathematics?

November 14, 2013

Subjectivity and objectivity are both governed from different parts of the brain. Some people are good in one and not the other, while others are balanced in both and are able to do well in studies.

Mathematics requires one to be more objective than subjective - this is what makes one good in Maths.

If your Mercury is weak, then it causes problems in understanding mathematics. One needs to improve Mercury to improve the mathematical aptitude in a student. As soon as one's math improves, the ability to get better at life's issues also improves.

Remedies for students:

- add almond to milk and drink it

- start eating Brahmi

- improve your focus to improve your Math, keep touching your fingers with your thumb while working on a mathematical issue

- start applying saffron on your forehead everyday

- rub the "zaharmora" stone and apply it in on your forehead and the ear lobes

- start pressing your lobes a few times a day

- start drinking from a copper vessel from any Wednesday or start wearing a copper ball around your neck from any Wednesday - ask your younger sibling to put it around your neck.

- from time-to-time, throw a few grains of green moong lentils in a ditch or well

- parents and teachers need to develop the child's interest in mathematics so the child will start learning on his own.

- whenever you have a mathematical problem, then start using some graphs or blocks in the case of small children. This is to provide a diagram representation of the numbers. As Mercury makes your objectivity and reasoning lowered, then it doesn't allow you to focus and come up with a solution. For older students, start writing the problem in a diagram so you can better understand it - the solution will come to you once you understand the problem correctly while writing.


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