Hurdles in Love Marriage

September 02, 2014

At least in India, marriage is considered a pre-requisite to a happy life. 

Many people are going through mariage related problems - the issues may range from the inability to meet a potential partner to problems in maintaining a marriage.

Love Marriage:

Youngsters need to remember that they NEED their parents' consent to get married even if it means waiting for them to agree.

People who want to marry someone of their choice should not consider their parents as their enemies and should not do anything that causes their parents to become their enemies. There is a practical reason for this as the mother and father represent the Moon & Sun. A weak Moon will result in struggles in the marriage and a weak Sun means no help from the Sun. Ultimately, both Sun & Moon being weak will result in Jupiter also becoming negative causing quarrels between the married couple or making them go through some very tough times. The struggle will be so much that the couple won't be able to enjoy their marriage at all.

If you want to marry someone in particular, then pray to your isht dev for help and ask an elder to help you.

To remove hurdles in love marriage, women need to do remedies for Jupiter while men need to work on improving their Sun.

Both the woman and man need to do remedies for Mars.

Be patient as marriage is not just about the bride and groom in Indian traditions. It's a question of 2 families meeting together, which takes time.

Regardless of the kind of marriage, it's important that an intelligent astrologer matches the birth-charts/kundlis of the man and woman. 

Mangal/Mars needs to be matched for the marriage to sustain, as in the traditional Indian context, it can be a cause of embarrassment for the family and/or husband and wife if they end up divorcing later on.

Shukra+Shani yog or Mangal+Shani yog in the kundli/birth-chart can cause major problems in getting married despite allowing the person to fall in love. These yogs can only be rectified by honestly & patiently doing long-term remedies.

On the Palm: 

A "trishul" formation/line under middle finger being divided into 3 lines shows that one may not be able to fulfill their wish of love marriage or the person's marriage won't last long. 

Middle finger tilting towards the ring finger shows potential problems in maintaining the marriage - especially in love marriage.

Ring finger tilting towards the middle finger then it shows that one will be able to get married, but that marriage will not last.

If there are 3 to 4 lines under the little finger (2 lines are fine) and they are being cut off by some very light lines; one of the lines goes downwards or upwards; and the lines darken - then it shows that such people should not go for love marriage as there will be a lot of problems in getting married or after marriage.

Some More Important Points: 

Despite everything one can fulfil their wish to get married if one is very honest, patient, makes sacrifices in life, and does remedies for a long period.

Get your parents on board before committing to someone as any relationship that is made without the blessings of the parents causes mental problems, finanacial issues, and harm to one's reputation.


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