How to worship Vishnu, Shiv, Devi Maa

August 16, 2013

It's not easy to get peace and stability in life without praying to your isht. If there are any problems in your birth-chart or some terrible debts from past lives, then the solution will be only through praying to your isht.

Doing special prayers at least twice a year will help you overcome your problems. These prayers/worship should be done in the correct way for you to reap benefits from them.

Praying to Vishnu:
- Vishnu has 10 avataars - you can pray to anyone - 9 have already come on this earth and 1 is remaining. These avatars are: matasya-avtaar (fish), kachhap (tortoise) avtaar, vaaraha avtaar, narsingh, vaaman, parshuram, ram, krishna, buddh
and the one about to come is called kalkiavtaar.
People whose Moon and Venus are strong will get attracted towards Krishna.
People whose Jupiter is strong will get attracted towards Ram.
Our isht appeals to us and when you're weak or happy you'll remember your isht.

  • Make sure you pray only after taking shower.
  • You should also clean your teeth before praying to Vishnu.
  • Your clothes should ideally be yellow and clean or at least clean.
  • Always apply a tilak of either yellow sandalwood or a mix of turmeric and sandalwood.
  • Mantra beads should be done with a turmeric or tulsi beads.
  • Prasaad should include a small peepal leaf or tulsi and honey. Make sure you give prasaad to others.
  • Don't touch or be near the Vishnu idol when you're angry, have ego, are greedy, or full of lust.
  • You should not go near Vishnu even when you're full of ego.
  • Satsang is important for people who worship to Vishnu.
  • Do pray to Vishnu on ekadashi and don't eat rice on this day.
  • You should take care of cows.
  • Plant a peepal tree on one ekadashi of the year.
  • Do paath of vishnu-puraan or garun-puraan at least once a year.

When you have any major troubles then pray to matastaya-avataar.
When illnesses aren't going away, kids and elders are getting effected, relations are getting broken - then let fish go to a bigger water body then you caught them in. Do this on a Thursday.

If you have money issues, then put a tortoise's picture or statue next to Vishnu's in your place of worship. Put a turmeric tilak on it.

If you're afraid, have issues with litigation, personality problems, or if someone's harassing you, then pray to Narsingh bhagwan.

Any kind of problem goes away just by saying and writing the name "Ram". This also helps you revive your interest in your work.

If you're left alone/lonely and no one comes to your help, then pray to Shri Krishna in the following way:
- Sit under a peepal tree on a Saturday and offer some ganga-jal (water from the Ganges) which has a mix of kesar(saffron), chandan(sandalwood), akshat, and flowers. Light a 4-faced candle which has oil in it and chant this mantra: om namo bhagwate vaasudevaaya
Along with the above, if you have problems in getting married or with children, then do the following mantra: om kling krishnaaya govindaaya gopi-janvallabhaaya namaha
- Also do "prikarma"/walk around the peepal tree and then offer sweets to Krishna or Vishnu
This should be done once a month according to the above specifications on a Thursday.

Praying to Shiv: pray to Hanuman also pleases Shivji - specially if you need to worship the Rudra state of Shivji.

Maas-shivratri / triyodashi - you need to do puja this day
If you're married, then you should do tilak of the whole Shiv family.
You should establish a Shivling in the home.

What kind of Shivling for when:
To take care of your husband's health and safety, then you need to establish the Narmada / Narmadeshwar shivling.
For the welfare of the whole family, you need to establish the Kailash shivling. And do the maha-mrityunjaya-jap on triyodashi. This will improve your health and also your opulence.
For improving your fate, health, peace in the home, you should establish the Paarad shivling. This is also important for people who have to pay off their debts. This is also very important for students - increase their knowledge, personality and help them succeed. It can even be kept on their table - just they shouldn't touch it too much. Always, have this shivling in/near white cloth. Everyday, offer ganga-jal, roli, flowers, rice, milk, moli, and white chandan.

Do chant of: Om Mrityubhajaaya Namaha - to stay away from illnesses.
Do chant of: Om rudraaya namaha - to get out of a very grave problem.

Whenever you finish your prayer to shivji, you need to remember to also do the chant: om paarvatay namaha -11 times otherwise the prayer is considered incomplete. This is especially important for people who are going through marriage related problems.

Every triyodashi or maas-shivratri, offer dhatura or bel-patra or peepal to Shivling.
You also need to meditate as you do the chant, otherwise there's no meaning to the chanting.
You need to help the poor.
If you get stuck in some controversies, then offer honey on the shilving as you do Rudra-paath. This should be done by offering the honey while saying "om namaha shivay" 108 times and letting the honey go in a very thing line.

For a good married life, offer water on the shivling and along with that on the shiv-ratri of every month mix khaand with yoghurt (do it with 1 spoon of yoghurt) and offer that on the shivling.

While doing the rudra-paath or "om rudraaya namaha" chant and offer gangajal, milk or yoghurt, along with black sesame seeds to the shivling. This gets rid of some very serious problems and health issues.

When circumstances become intolerable, then offer milk and dhatura on the shivling. Do it for 21 days everyday. Then fast on the following Monday and keep the fast on every Monday until your circumstances don't improve.

Praying to Maa: the worship of Maa is either through Bhakti or Sadhana.
Bhakti - become a fan - you have to become a mad fan, but this should be genuine or you'll have suffer the negative effects
Sadhana - you can get energy through sadhana

Maha-kali - this is when going through saadhe-saati; establish shani yantra (on a squared copper piece) in your home or wear it around your neck - this is a big yantra as it's a big mantra: kring kring hun hun hring hring dakshine hun hun hring hring kring kring kring svaha. On Tuesday or Saturday, also do yag with this. This yantra gets activated after 108 chants. It's said that if you do yag for 43 days along with fasting, and do this mantra with 5 beads morning and evening, then you can turn bad luck into good luck.

Maa Taara - people who have problems with losing their child. Doing prayer to maa taara on the shukla-paksh navmi's night is considered very good for worshiping maa Taara. Wear and sit on white, yellow, or black colors. Face the east and say "om hring shring phat om aing hring shring hung phat" - do 5 beads. Keep water in a copper vessel and offer this water. This should bring you a lot of benefits.

Maa Chhinmasta - whenever you have odd kinds of problems in business, personal life, bad rahu-shani effects, and the problems are such that your self-confidence dwindles then pray to this Maa. People who have nervous system or psychic problems should also pray to maa chhinmasta. The mantra for yag is: shring kling hling ain vaj vairo chaniye hun hun phat svaha. Leave out the svaha if you're not doing yag. Sit in front of maa's picture and start meditating with this mantra.

Maa Shodashi - you should have "vigraha" or establish "shri yantra". Put tilak with turmeric and chandan everyday. Meditate on maa's red bindi.

Maa Bhubneshwari - should be worshipped when the memory is weakening and your control over anger is decreasing to the extent that it's turning into a disorder. Also for self-confidence decreasing, health going worse, reputation getting badly effected. The mantra is "Aing Hring" and after some time you just do "Hring". Keep Maa's picture in front of you and do this mantra.

Tripur Bhairavi - if your relatives are going away from you, your wealth is getting squandered, you're failing in your studies or work then worship Tripur Bhairavi. It will help open doors to success.


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