How to Worship Shiva

July 28, 2014

Shiva can help get rid of every problem that a person goes through. In this season of "Saawan", the effects of praying to Shiva are amplified. Learn how to please Shiva for various issues you may be having.

How to Worship Shiva with 16-Upchaar:

  1. First you should close your eyes and focus on the aagya chakra (in between your eyebrows).
  2. Then mentally invit Shiva and welcome him.
  3. Then do "abhishek" holy bath - with water.
  4. Then make "panch-amrit" - by mixing milk, yoghurt, cow's ghee, honey or "khaand".  Do not put sugar. You can put jaggery or "shakkar"/natural sugar.
  5. Offer clothes to Shiva - "janeu" or holy thread is enough.
  6. Offer some perfume.
  7. Then offer flowers and "askhat" - unbroken white rice grains.
  8. Then offer sandalwood.
  9. Light a "dhoop" preferably herbal, which does not have any bamboo in it and leave it in front of Shiva.
  10. Offer "naivedyam" - fruits, rice, "makhan"/butter, "khaand"/natural sugar, and "paan"/betel leaves.
  11. Then start chanting the names of Shiva or do one of the following mantra: "Om Namah Shivaya", "Om Rudraaya Namaha", or do the mahamrityunjaya chant.
  12. Then do aarti.
  13. Pradakshina/Parikarma - go around the Shivji clockwise and offer your greetings.
  14. Then do namaskar and prayer and ask for foregiveness of anything done incorrectly.

Worship For Specific Purposes:

The worship of Shiva is mainly done with lotus, bel-leaves (bel-patra), and white flowers, but if you have any specific problems, you can use different items as mentioned below:

If your palm lines show that your lifespan is not long or if you have "alpaayu dosh", which again means that your lifespan is short or if you're going through the period of markesh (bad times), then worship Shiva with the help of "durva" grass.

If you have santaan-dosh - inability to have children or the child is sick, then offer "dhatura" to Shiva on Mondays along with anything else and then worship him.

To get rid of any curses or if your birth chart is "shraapit"/cursed, then offer "shammi" flowers to Shiva and then worship him.

Offering white sandalwood or doing its tilak on shivling, can give one fame and good luck.

Do not eat or donate the food offered to shivling - it's only for Shiva.

You must not offer water or milk on the shivling after sunset.

Establish a shivling with an intent using clay, flour, cow's dung, flowers, jaggery, bhasm, butter, and gangajal.

Households should generally have either a "parad" or "sfatik" in the home. Parad is mainly to improve the health of the family members, whereas "sfatik" is to improve the wealth and reputation of people in the home. This should be done on a Monday in the saawan period or on a maas-Shivratri/ monthly Shivratri.

It's necessary to stay awake the whole night on maas-Shivratri to get the blessings of Shiva.

To get rid of any curse, worship Shiva during "nishit-kaal" - from 20:00 - 23:00. Sit in meditation and keep repeating "namah shivaaya" in your head. For peace and getting some "siddhi", you should chant the mantra not in your head, but as a slightly loud whisper.

Worship of Shiva is also recommended for people who have a lot of anxiety; for markesh, for marriage, for a weak Moon, for problems from Rahu or Shani. Do this by doing one of the following mantras of Shiva: Om Namah Shivaya, Om Triyambakam Yajamahe....the maha-mrityunjaya mantra, Namaha Shivaya, Om Rudraya Namaha.

Below are a couple of the mantras we've mentioned above:

Important Considerations:

Pregnant women and women praying to Shiva to get a good husband should NOT worship Shivling, and should worshp Shiva's idol. If the aim is to improve one's household, then the idol(s) should be of Shiva and Parvati  together.

Only people who want to get siddhis or moksha should worship Shivling.

Nishit kaal - the time between 8pm to 11pm, is the ideal time to pray to Shiva. Anyone who has immense problems from enemies despite being honest, then worshipping a self-made Shivling during this period will ensure that no one will be able to hurt you. Do this for at least a year to get rid of any impossible seeming problems.


VS - 4 years ago 
Namaskar Is it correct to pour ganga water on Shiv Linga using Puja Shank? Whether to keep Vasuki on Lord Shiva during Abhisekam? We offer Kishmish as Nivedhiyam to Lord Shiva. can this be given to children or can I eat this Prasad?
Rudra Prasad - 3 years ago 
It is accepted as, if prasada is offered to shiva lingam and the purohit or poojari most not eat by himself but when the pandit or purohit or poojari gives prasad to you or any person in the temple or pooja ghira then you cannot ignore his offer. In such situation you have to eat the prasaad given by the pandit or purohit or poojari whoever is worshiping. If anybody has got new ideas please share or add for further improvement.
R - 1 year ago 
How many times should one perform Abhishek of a home Shiva Linga ? If one does it in the early morning & again after sunset ? The small Shiva Linga was presented by a Sadhu of Haridwar WHEN I refused his blessing for my personal gain but wanted my mission ( for a community ) to be fullfilled only

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