How to Succeed in Exams

September 05, 2012


Jupiter gives a positive result in respect maintaining respect & recognition. You must pay respects to your Guru to make your Jupiter strong, even if you consider your isht as your Guru.

Kids who keep failing their exams or feel that it'll be hard for them to pass exams. You should consider getting your nose pierced and put a copper or silver thing, or whichever is their metal. For boys, they should keep a silver wire in a glass bottle with them at all times. This will bring them self-confidence, concentration, will-power. These will create such an interest in you towards study that you'll work hard and pass your exams.

Fill an earthen pot with "khaand" and put it on your study table. Do it in a way that ants don't get in it, for which you can take a big bowl, fill it with water, and then put the pot in it. Then study hard. You should pass all exams by studying with this remedy.

To succeed in life:

First the symptoms that show it's going to be hard for you to succeed in life:

if you have problems related to chest, lungs, and your mother's health is not good, and you have never really achieved success in life.
then don't ever drink milk at night,
donate milk on Mondays,
if you want to do something important then do so after eating eat sweets made of milk in the day. If you go at night, then just drink water - don't eat sweets made from milk.

If you are having problems that cause your friends to go away and you're left alone despite doing a lot of hard work. If this has happened a few times in your life, never construct a house, donate milk on Mondays and wear a silver ring given by your mother in your index finger on Monday or Thursday. This ring should be completely round - without breaks.


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