How to Succeed in Education

August 30, 2012

Children have many dreams about the type of education they want to get.

Despite many efforts, many people aren't able to achiever higher education.

Sun, Mercury, & Jupiter need to be in good position for someone to achieve good degrees. Or in Gochar, if these planets have a positive influence, then too people get their degrees.

Right now, Mangal & Shani are together, which means there'll be hurdles in study. These will cause problems in admission, or failure in interviews, or they won't be able to start their studies immediately.

Whenever Sun or Jupiter put a negative effect, you'll get a good degree, but it will be from a lower level institute.

To get higher education:
Aditya hridya strot path - to do it 3 times should take about 15minutes. Also read the beginning story. This will improve your Sun.
Also pay respect to Sun.
Wear 3 copper coins in green thread on wednesday around your neck.

If you want to study a lot and achieve a lot in the field of research:
take the responsibility of taking care of a cow

If you want to study something that requires a lot of money:
take a bottle full of Gangajal (water from the river Ganges) and put a bit of unboiled milk in it. Bury this at an isolated place on Monday and Wednesday. This is until you don't have enough money for your studies/to go abroad for study.


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