How to save money?

August 20, 2013

Rahu, Shani, and Mercury - don't allow you to save money.

These planets will make you spend money by making you think that it's all justified.

Jupiter is responsible for saving money, but you may end up spending it on your family members.

If Mercury is bad, then one will spend all the money that he earns and will ask for loan when the bad time comes.

Rahu makes one spend money on eating out, hanging out with friends, expenditure on items that are not good for health.

Shani - makes one waste money on electronics.

Mercury - makes one waste money on shares and on false social status - to show off how rich they are.


For Mercury - if you're spending money too much and don't have the company of good friends; take an empty earthen pot (a very small "matki" is enough) and throw it in flowing water for 43 Wednesdays.

For Rahu - makes one shop a lot; wear a blue cap/hat; donate spices on Saturdays sometimes; wear a white sandalwood which is wrapped in blue thread around your neck slightly before sunrse on a Saturday.

If you keep good relations with your mother, then you won't waste money due to Rahu or Shani.

If you keep papaya seeds in a yellow cloth and wear them in your neck or keep them with you, then it wil slowly lessen your need to spend.

If you wear a Gold ring in your index finger on a Thursday, it will start to develop a sense/knowledge in you that will stop you from wasting money.

Create a tikka/tilak which is composed of white sandalwood + saffron + turmeric - put this on the person's photo and pray to your isht that this person stops wasting money while concentrating on the photo of the person. This will need to be done for a long time for the effects to be visible.


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