How to meditate?

July 28, 2013

Meditation improves/balances our hormone secretion, which has a positive effect on our planets.

Below is a list of meditation techniques for each planet:

Sun - Do tratak. Improves attraction in eyes and voice. Site on a non-conducting material during sunrise. Keep your back straight and body loose; make eye contact with the sun like you're talking to your family member and keep smiling. Ideally, you should not close your eyes, but it will come after a lot of practice. So initially, look at the Sun and then close your eyes as your eyes start to burn. Then open your eyes again and keep looking at the Sun.

Moon - For concentration and emotional balance. Sit in moonlight and then concentrate on "himkhand" - Shivji in mountains. It can even help with schizophrenia. Before meditating breathe deeply for 10 minutes.

Mars - For self-confidence, inability to explain onselft to others, low blood pressure. Make a red "tilak" - about an inch and half big on a paper (with sindoor and honey/jasmine oil) and keep it 2 feet away. Wear red clothes and concentrate on the red spot. Keep breathing deeply.

Mercury - for allergies or speech issues. Go for walks in greenry. Wear green clothes and sit on a green surface, start concentrating on green trees in your third eye spot.

Jupiter - concentrate on a Guru who's sitting in a banana jungle while wearing yellow clothes and being seated on a yellow surface.

Venus - concentrate on lotus and a lady is sitting on that/lady has a lotus in her hand.. It can be your mother/sister/ or any woman (devi). The lotus represents endless energy, calm, and mental balance. The top of our head is like a lotus.

Saturn - make a light blue round spot (about 2 inches diameter) on a white paper and keep it 2 feet away from you and it should be in eye level while seated. Tratak (for the Sun) will also help.

Even if you do this for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, it should prove very beneficial. It will take some time (about a year) to see the results of this, but you have to be persisitent.

Hand Mudras (positions):

Just your hand mudras can change your personality - thoughts and body.

It can improve gas in your body too.

The thumb and the fingers represent 5 elements in your body. these should be done gently and for at least 6 months to 1 year. Prioritize which issue you want to resolve and do that mudra only. You can not mix the mudras or do one for 5 minutes and another for the next 5 minutes.

Thumb = fire

Index finger = air

Middle finger = sky

Sun finger = earth

Small finger = water

Take a shower, face the East, straighten your back and don't pay any attention to the world around you. Don't do this immediately after taking food as you may feel sleepy, wait 3-4 hours after eating.

For memory and concentration: put the index finger tip on the tip of the thumb and start sitting quiety. This is called "gyan mudra". You will start getting all kinds of thoughts, so let them come and go, just make sure you start sitting with closed eyes. Meditation has to come naturally, and should not be forced. You will slowly develop your meditation so you're not disturbed by different thoughts.

For lot of gas in the body, pain, blood circulation problem: Roll the index finger to the base of the thumb and cover it with the thumb, a few months after praciticing meditation your problem should improve

For cold, cough, throat issues, eye problem, nose problems, ear problems, lack of interest in work, low memory, laziness, back pain, head pain: roll the middle finger to the base of the thumb and cover it with the thumb.


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